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Nichole Black

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Name:Nichole Sapphire Black

Birth name:Sapphire Nicole Black

Goes by:Sapphire

Age:Will not say

DOB:Will not say


Sexual orientation:Straight

Nick names:Make me some?

Parents:They know who they are


Brother in laws:Many

Sister in laws:Many

Nieces & Nephews:Many



Great grandchildren:Many

Great-great grandchildren:many

Great-great-great grandchildren:many

Occupation:Former actress, former model. Radio host.

Relationship status:Single

Face claim:Genevieve Cortese-Padalecki

FC interests:Open


Nichole never had a easy life because her early life was not all that good and she barely remembers anything from her early life so it’s all a huge old blur to her. She was born as Sapphire Nicole Black originally but later over time she switched her first and middle names around because everyone was always getting her mixed up with one of her adoptive brother’s then girlfriend who was also named Sapphire so hencing that caused Nichole to switch her first and middle names around to avoid any confusion but she didn’t like going by Sapphire after going by that for so many years as it is. Not long after she was married a few times and had children from her previous marriages and many generations of grandchildren later she feels like there’s something missing in her life but she can’t put her finger on it but she is content the way that she is.



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