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Dawn of the Final Day

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As dawn approach on day 297 from the first invasion of Ryloth, word had spread throughout Orion’s fleet that the Tyber’s capital city had fallen to the clone army. Though they had control of the city, the job still remained unfinished. Many of Tyber ground forces had surrendered to the clones, but Tyber himself and several of his remaining forces had themselves held up in Tyber’s palace, located in the center of the capital. With the palace being a heavily fortified fortress, any ground assault missions would render to massive casualties, something Orion wanted to avoid. The plan was set to bomb the palace and bring the building crumbling down to nothing more than a pile of rubble. An LAAT and a Squadron of Y-Wing bombers, raced across the sky high above the city on course with the palace. 

Aboard the LAAT, Orion stood silently with his Captain, Demon, next to him. The two were accompanied by a small squad of Cloontroopers as standard protocol. With the blast doors open, the teen just stood at the edge of the platform, his eyes focused on the large towering building. Having seen the giant palace on numerous occasions, to watch the eyesore crumble, would be gift in itself. The comms channels were alive with voices of the bomber pilots as they checked in with their call signs. Time was ticking as the transport and bombers made their approach to the designated target. 

Civilian life as well as friendlies had been cleared of the selected sectored hours before hand, now this was all that was left. As the group of ships made their approach, the LAAT began to accend uppers only to reach a certain altitude before stopping and proceedimg to hover in place. Meanwhile the bombers made their decent towards the surface. After having all pilots check in, comms had fallen silent for several minutes before a voice chimed in. 

“This is Doom Squadron making our approach on designated target, do we have a green light to engage?” 

To Orion this was obviously a dumbass question to ask but he knew it was protocol. Demon gave his Commander a glance, who only gave a single nod, before responding.

“You have permission to engage.”

There was a spilt second of silence before the same voice came back through.

“Copy that! You heard him boys, bombs away.”

As the bomber Squadron approached the outter walls of the palace, Demon would activate comms once more an spoke out.

“Artillery, clear to fire.”

Another voice, much like the other but less bubbly than first, came through. 

“Roger that, light em up First Platoon”

The bombers began to unleash their payload, dropping the bombs around the building as well as on it. Fire swept around the courtyard of the palace, engulfing anything and everything organic. Several of Tyber’s soldier who were station on guard duty outside, were incinerated immediately. The explosions took out the outter beams weaking the main infrastructure of the building. Artillery shells soon followed pumbling the building.  The shells ate away at the building before exploding with in the building itself, making the structure weaker and weaker.  As  the bombers cleaned out the rest of their pay load, they began to accend uppers as the artillery kept their bombardment. 

Not even ten minutes in to the begin of the attack, the structure showed signs of crumbling weakness, then it came all crash down. Orion’s eyes flickered as he watched the fifty story building caved downward in cloud of debris. A small smirk pulled at his lips as he watched a pulm of smoke and dust shoot out and crawled across the land. But that smirk would only soon fade as something didn’t feel right. The young force-user could still sense the life of Tyber Zann, which didn’t settle right with him.

With annoyed tone of voice, Orion glance toward the pilot and barked out.

“Bring us down in the courtyard, immediately.” 

The pilot gave an over the shoulder look and nodded as he responded with, 

“Yes sir”

and put the LAAT  in a decent towards the now pile of rubble. Confused with what’s happening, Demon gave Orion a look before asking. 

“What’s going on sir?”

Orion’s gaze was focused on the pile of rubble as he responded with in an angered and annoyed tone.

“He’s not dead.” 

As the LAAT made its landing, Orion didn’t even wait for it to touch down. The teen quickly lept from the craft and landed on the debris covered ground.  The air was still thick with clouds of dust, though visibity was starting to clear. Standing where he landed, Orion scanned the area, using the force to try and find the man he was after. A voice yellout from the teens left, coming from one of Tybers soldiers who had pulled himself out from the rubble. 

“Oh shit! It’s Cain!”

Hearing the use of his bilogical name only angered the teen further as he raised a open hand up in the direction of the lone soldier, palm facing up. The man immediately lifted off the ground as he begun to squirm. The soldier seemed to be grasping for air as he clawed at his neck. Orion quickly closed his hand into a fist, as the sickening crack of the man’s neck snaps, and the body went limp. The teen dropped his hand, and the body simply dropped to the ground. Orion pressed forward, his eyes scannig the scene as the LAAT made it’s landing and Demon, as well as the squad of Clonetroopers, raced after the teen. Another one of Tyber’s men would appear out of the rubble, scrambing to grab for his gun, which was pinned under a large sheet of metal. Orion’s hand rose again towards a large boulder and letting it levitate for a bit before jerking his arm towards the soldier. The boulder flung across the area and slammed into man, instantly killing him as blood splattered in every direction. 

“Where are you?” 

The teen kept mutter to himself as looked about. Then finally, being helped out from the debris by a pair of soldier, there he was. Anger and hatred burned in the teen as he stared at the long white haired asshole that had tormented him, his men and his family for years. With a flick of both his wrists, the teens lightsaber hilts ripped from his belt and would activate immediately as they were flung from his belt towards the two soldiers. Piercing into their bodies the sabers would instantly kill the soldiers. Orion’s hand twitched as one of them returned. The teen walked quickly towards Tyber, who weakly pulled himself up and was scrambing over to grab for one of the fallen soldiers guns. Tyber stumbled over but crawled his way to the body and reached to the weapon. Grabbing the gun, he’d only find Orion’s boot right on the body of the weapon pinning it down.

Looking up Tyber’s emerald green eyes met Orion’s fire ember eye and cybernetic implant eye, the same one that he had done to Orion. The teen was seething in anger, the look in the teens eyes spoke of just wanting to kill the man before him. Then suddenly teen shifted on his heel and brought his robotic foot up and connected it with the side of Tyber’s head. The Crimelord flew back and landed on his back and just laid there. The sound of a weak chuckle escaped the man’s lips as he spoke out.

“All of this…-coughs-all of this….just to beat me up?” 

The man would cough once more as he sat up slowly and leaned over to his side, holding his abdomen. Blood dripped from the man’s face and mouth, it was obvious he had internal organ bleeding and the sounding of his breath hinted to a punctured lung. Orion slowly walked up to Tyber once more and stood over him, looking down at the once  notorious Crimelord and ruler of the Zann Consortium. The teens fist tightened around the hilt of his lightsaber just from hearing the mans voice.

“Shut up.”

Was all Orion was able to come up with, as his anger blinded his ability to think clearly. All he a saw was red as he stared at Tyber.

“Come on kid, you and I both know you ain’t gonna kill me….”

The man would pause as he coughs up some blood and spits at the ground infont of the teen, before looking up at the boy with a devilish smirk.  That look, that look, Orion hated that look. The boys body tensed as he growled out in anger at Tyber.

“You don’t know that! I’ll kill you right now!”

Tyber immediately responded with as he laughed or attempted to as he spoke. 

“Then fucking do it kid! I see that look in your eyes, I see the anger you have inside you. I wonder though, is that the same look you had when you killed your bilogical parents. Is that the same look that they saw just before their own son bashed their fucking skulls in. Oh my how glorious that must’ve been.” 

Orion’s anger had reached the boiling point as the teen brought his lightsaber up over his head as he roared out in anger. Tyber, being the psychotic fuck that he was, gleamed up at Orion with excitement as spoke out.

“That’s right kid, do it. Fucking do it!! Prove to me and the whole fucking galaxy just what you are, nothing more than a fucking Sith. Strike me down! Kill me Sith boy!” 

Orion screamed out in rage a brought the saber down towards Tyber, but would suddenly feel a hand grab his wrist an jerked him back.

“SIR! Enough! I can’t allow this.” 

Demon’s voice rang out as Orion looked at him.

“Let me go Demon.” Orion would bark the order.

“I can’t and I will not do that sir.”

Demon responded with, his voice stern but sympathic to his Commander.

“Demon I’m ordering you to release me, now!”

Orion would order out once more. 

“No sir…”

Demon would refuse once again before stating.

“You’ve come a long way of stiring away from the Darkside, away from the Sith. To strike Tyber down now out of anger and hatred, you’ll simply fall back into the same path you were once trying to leave. And I promised myself and Ms. Sophie, that I would not allow that. Now sir, as your Captain…..I request that you stand down.”

The teen stood there for a few seconds before deactivating his lightsaber and lowered his arm down. A sigh escaped the teens lips as he jerked away from Demon and turn away from Tyber. Tyber however wore the crazed smirk on his face as he watched the good moraled Orion pull away from killing him an retreated back towards the LAAT. The weak and bloody Crimelord’s attention turned to Demon now and smirked before sarcasticly stating.

“Well isn’t that lovely, saved by the boys Clone Captain, wonderful.  What you gonna do now, arrest me?”

Demon kept a stern look on his face as he muttered coldly down to the man.

“Who said anything about saving or arresting you?”

And would bring the barrel of his blaster pistol to Tyber’s skull as the expression on the crimelord’s face changed. Without hesitation, the Captain pulled the trigger. The blaster shot rangout through the area as Tyber’s lifeless body collapsed on to the heap of rubble. Orion, though disappointment that he wasn’t the one to end it, was at least glad the years of torment and the nightmare was finally over.


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    1. Sophie X Others 3 years ago

      DEMONNNNNN!!!!!!!! <3

    2. Sophie X Others 3 years ago

      *somewhere, Asani senses Orion’s failure and shakes her head*

    3. Cielo Den Ouden 3 years ago

      Excellent Orion- superb piece!

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