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Nikki Embers (Pup form)

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  Nikki, a wolf pup with the blood of a god was born from the Alphes Sagline and Sadara. Though her mother abandoned her to her father, Nikki would become a strong bright Alpha wolf pup. Though her future was still untold, she knew that with her father’s love and power in her she could do anything.

  Nikki still longs for her mother’ love and affection, but she knew she may never get it, though she faught with the demons of her past in her, she would soon learn what her life would be like.

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  1. Claudia Sinclair 8 years ago

    Morgan moved quickly after Kestryl left. She was in efficiency mode. She needed to be so she could return to the cold creature she normally was instead of one so quick to smile at a boy who was everything she was not. She had one change of clothes, the rest would come with Ratharian, and she pulled on the black leather pants and the sleeveless garnet velvet corset with a split front skirt that brushed her ankles. Following that with her leather boots, and the garnet and onyx collar set in silver that she tended to where around Ratharian as a reminder. For him… he saw it as a reminder that she was once his courtesan to command as he pleased. For her… it was a reminder of how far she’d come in so short a time frame. He could command… but if Rydith or Myka didn’t back up the command, she had no obligation to follow it.

    Pinning her hair up with garnet pins that subtly glittered in the light, she was content with her appearance and exited the bathroom, the mask of cold indifference was perfectly in place. She was ready. Then Kestryl walked back into the room dressed like a elfish stereo type and in all fell away in fit of soft laughter as she shook her head and pulled him to her to kiss him quickly.

    “Your friend is an ass with very obvious sense of humor. He’d better not be a pain in my ass this trip…” She told him with a hint of an edge under her amusement. Before she simply wrapped her arms around him and held him for several minutes. It felt like there was something she wanted to say here, but the words wouldn’t come so after a long moment, she withdrew and just held his face in her hands. “Remember to obey. Remember to watch and learn. See what is and isn’t real. Because I won’t apologize if anything I do when I am Spy Master of Mages hurts your feelings. I can’t afford to worry about your feelings when I am on a mission.” She kissed him again and then opened the door, her expression cooly indifferent. “Go. Wait with the other four in the courtyard, I will be there soon enough.”

    He left and she went to find Brielle who was halfway dressed, hurrying the woman up, she walked down the stairs at a leisurely pace, a small sadistic smile on her face as she took in the men assembled there. Two were shuffling their feet nervously, and two -Corian and Kestryl – were not. Corian was looking at her with a goofy grin on his face and Kestryl… he was watching her, his expression neutral. Morgan’s lips narrowed to a thin angry line. Apparently she’d forgotten, the ‘don’t fucking tell anyone I actually give two shits about you rule’ based on Corian’s expression. Fuck. She’d have to talk with Kestryl about that. Her genuine anger mixed with her persona, made the other two even more nervous so that by the time she was standing in front of the group they were practically in tears.

    “Oh for gods sake. Stop trembling like I intend to eat you or something. Few things are worse then a cowardly whore. Man up.” Morgan snapped at the two, but her eyes were locked on Corian. “You. Come here.”

    The lanky blonde stepped forward, the shit eating, goofy grin still on his face. Morgan hooked a finger through his collar and pulled him down to her level since he was taller then she. “What ever you think you know, who ever you think I am, you haven’t the slightest idea and I suggest you lower those eyes and put some difference in your expression. There is only so far your friendship with him will get you before I have your testicles as earrings and I don’t bluff nor do I speak in hyperbole, so tread lightly and be careful how you handle my things.” She whispered to him in a sultry and dangerous tone before ordering him back in line, now visibly shaken, his eyes lowered.

    “Now that that has been dealt with, let me explain what you are all doing here. My name is Duchess Morgan Faythen. You are going to be escorting me and my cousin to the court of King Eluvien in the north. You are to attend our every need, fawn over us. When we say jump you will jump. No one will breath a word of how you were recruited, or anything. And you are all about to be bound. Meaning that you will not speak of anything I don’t want you to unless you wish to have a world of pain suffered. The Northern elves are losing their magic of immortality slowly and they think bringing mage blood in might be a way of restoring their magic. They also think that pacts with demons might. They are rumored to be trying many things. I am being put forth for as a candidate for the middle son’s hand. That’s all you need know and that’s all you will know.”

    She assessed the expressions on all their faces and then told them all to take off their shirts. It was a quick process to bind them, one of the twin actually came in his pants at the sensation, and Morgan just sighed and dismissed him to change. When Kestryl stepped up she arched a brow. “Forgotten so soon that we went through this all last night? When I decided to bind you instead of slit your throat and leave you for dead? Get back in line. Our rides should be here soon.”

    The twin who had shamed himself raised a tentative hand she sighed. “It’s not grade school, if you have a question ask.”

    “Umm, well, umm…” He stammered and Morgan snapped her fingers at him hoping to get him back on track. “I never learned how to ride a horse!” He exclaimed in a rapid rush.

    Morgan laughed in her dark way, and in display of perfect timing, a distant roar split the sky “Well, no worries there since we will not be riding horses….” Off in the distance several silhouettes came into view. Dragons.

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