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Niklia Brunkt ( Nikki )

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Appears 23-25


5 foot 7

Eye Color:

Rich Golden

Hair Color:

Vibrant Dark Red


Fire Cat




Nikki comes from an ancient tribal race of Fire Cats that have never been seen in any kind of text book.  Allusive and cunning, they had avoided detection for as long as time could tell. They are located out on a floating island smack down in the middle of where the Bermuda Triangle is located. The Island has never been spotted and if any come close.. they merely vanish without a trace.  Because of the protection spell around the island, it is what has caused the planes and ships to vanish and some turn up later without any crew left alive.  For years, this has allowed the Fire Cats to live as peacefully as possible while avoiding interaction with the humans and other creatures that lurk and stalk around. 

Nikki is the daughter of the head chief of the tribe, and his word is the final say so in any such matters that take place.  The most current one was telling Nikki that she was to be mated to the High Guard, who commanded their small troop of an army.  She seethed and quite literally threw a tantrum that the whole Tribe had never seen before. She was absolutely furious.  She did not wish to find a mate just because her father picked on out for her. She craved something more… something deeper even.  She wanted to go forth and fall in love and chose a mate based on their mutual feelings… not… order.  

It left a heavy tension between her father and Nikki. It got to the point that in the dead of night, she violated every law and rule they governed by. She vanished. With her things packed away she left the island that had been her home for so long and took to the lands inhabited far away by the humans and other creatures that stuck to the dark. There she learned many new things and a whole new meaning to life. She loved it here. The humans lived life easy and just enjoyed what they had.  It was a peacefulness she wasn’t use to since her tribe tended to be quite war-like in times when it was called for. For now, she just wanted to live her life to the fullest and have fun doing so.

Side Note: She has small fire symbols along her arms, but not overly noticeable unless by a trained, keen eye.  This is a picture of her in Fire Cat form.

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