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No Wonder He Doesn’t Like Water…

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The water was thin,and clear as crystal,if anyone where to stand but a foot deep,they could still see the koi like fish trail between there bare toes…There wern’t many river’s in wonderland; but this one the Tarrant remembered the best. He couldn’t have been any older than piper would have been…she wasn’t born yet…and most kids around that age couldn’t remember anything like that,but He remembered it like it was yesterday.

They were out fishing,the three of them,it was before that Hunter (who at the time would have been Hatter’s age when Piper was around) was working on one of his short hunting knives while Hatter was busy playing with twigs and putting rocks in his mouth and his oldest brother who was busy leaning against an oak carving out a spear to take down the fish with had caught a glance of him and seized the branches from his mouth.

“Can’t you watch him any better than that?” Victor hissed at Hunter through his teeth;swatting him in the back of the head as he passed to take his miniature spear

“Papa said you’re in charge…” Hunter muttered going over to Hatter still fiddling with the twigs as if they were spears like he saw His other brother’s doing.

“Are you done yet? Pa said to be back by nightfall if you don’t hurry up…”

“Shut up,I’m coming…” Victor cut Hunter off with a scowl;who squinted back rather surprised at his older brother’s tone. Victor sighed,most likley out of guilt for snapping,”If you’re so Worried about it- then take Hatter down to shore with ya’,I’ll be there in a second- This Time WATCH HIM.” Victor said with a dangerous look Hunter knew was coming. He rolled his eyes once he was out of his sight and paced down the rocks with spear in arm and Hatter in the other.”You got me in trouble you brat.” He growled once they reached the sandy patch in the side of the creek.”I- so-wiee…” He thought he heard Hatter mutter a few moments after he sat him down.

“He /Yelled/ at me…” Hunter added on,fixing the end of his spear glaring down at him as he began to fiddle with the sand.

“He /never/ yelled at me before.” Hunter sounded more irritated now and this time Hatter tried to glance over at him; trying to discard his anger,Hunter went into trying to spear a few fish when Hatter got to close to the edge of the river,he reached out trying to pull out a few rocks or mess with the koi when they got to close to the shore. Hunter,now irritated with the fish became upset with his brother fooling around and of course went to grab him.

“Didn’t I Just tell you to quit that? Don’t you ever Listen!?” He hissed,pulling Hatter up by the collar and pinning him head first in the deeper side of the water;so up until his shoulders sunk in. He tried to cry out to his /other brother/ but was already broke off by the impact of heavy rustling in his little ears. He thought he heard Hunter cursing him above the waters about ‘stupid brat’ and how it was his fault but everything was blurry and he couldn’t hear anything now but ringing; loosing consciousness and the will to struggle any longer had formed just as the hands ripped back and he was tossed aside in the sand coughing and gasping for air;clawing at the dirt and sand

“What the fuck were you thinking?!” Victor’s words rang out as Hatter regained his hearing.”You could have fuckin’ killed him! What the hell’s your problem!?” He went on,shoving Hunter aside in the sand; Hatter squinted crawling to his bottom watching this slightly as he started to regain sight.”fuckin physcopath- Mum would’ve killed me for not watching you- fuckin lewis,you don’t think!” Victor hissed when he threw his spear down so it was lodged into the sand as he passed hunter who was now picking himself off the ground.

“c’mon Andrew.” Victor growled,picking Hatter up and wiping the water out of his eyes with the corner of his father’s plaid shirt

“You too! C’mon!” Hissed Victor over his shoulder at Hunter,who was glaring at the water pouting. He frowned at his brother and slowly followed from behind;not looking to regretful of what had happened,other than that victor was mad at him,and he knew he was no doubt when he heard him mutter; “You’re no better than Pa.”

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