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Notes and info on Elina Little

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(This is my notes so far on her, it most likely will be updated..but I hope it gives a better idea of her 🙂 )

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True Name: Thumbelina

Prefers: Lina, Ellie, Bell.

Nickname: Tiny, Runt, Little One, Little Lina

Alternate name: Elina Little

Job in ‘other world’ : Thumbelina is a little girl, whom most assume either mute or deaf, being as she doesn’t speak. She goes to school and lives with an adopted family who own a flower shop.


Info: She came across Lorn more formally, when she got lost one day, and has been with her ever since. She doesn’t remember about her other life, though she decides to stay with Lorn anyway (Lorn is the only one Elina will talk to) Since somehow, she can tell Lorn is ‘magical,’ or special, as she calls her. Elina would often try to get Lorn to come inside the flower shop when she passed by, and would run out to her with flowers any time she saw her near. Other people, Elina avoids. She won’t even speak to her parents, which causes a bit of bitterness with them and Lorn, who can’t understand why Elina keeps following her.


Elina’s only explanation when she follows Lorn is that she’s ‘special,’ and that she can’t leave her. Her tears and will to stay with Lorn appeals to her, prodding at her in a way she can’t understand. This is why Lorn takes Elina in, and teaches her as she can in her own home. Elina, in turn, stays at home and helps with chores, gardening (which she is amazing at, especially the growing of flowers) and reading–her favorite stories are Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Pinocchio. Though, she acts oddly when Thumbelina is read to her — closing the book and telling Lorn she wants to read something else, each time she tries to read it to her.

(Note: Elina is EXTREMELY SHY! If she talks to you, you’re pretty special)


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