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Nothing left to say

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Now my eyes are opened, I see all those things,

the words I should have said.

My sweet lies like bitter rain saturating your world,

I never said enough, now time is dead.

shhh, words are dead.

I fought both the black rage and dark horse,

you stood by my side time after time.

I descended into perfect insanity, broken by the lash,

you stood by me, forever and always kind.

Shhh, the words are gone.

Trapped in this sickening cycle of misuse,

caught out in the endless rain.

During a horrific reign of addiction and anger,

the love you showed always stayed the same.

shhh, words are dead.

I’m thankful for the memories and the good times,

all that we have shared.

From our darkest hour to the brightest morn,

you were always there.

Shhh, the words are gone.

I’m still on this path and uncertain if I’ll return,

before my time is up.

And if the sands have spoken, I’ll prepare your seat,

with wine I’ll fill your cup.

Shhh, words are dead.

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