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Now, I’m Saying I am But…

Gaian Flower Dice Bag
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Okay, guys. Teery has been pointing out product placement and let me just say this: I’m not doing so. I am not doing product placement. If I was, I would of told you about my commission prices by now. I would be showing off my original designs too in this post. For example: I wouldn’t be showing off my Gaian Flower Dice bag that would cost $20.00 for a commission. In my pattern store, it would be $5.00 to do it yourself… But that’s if I was actively advertising in which I am not. 

I was doing product placement, I would be telling you about my upcoming promo codes like using NERDYBIRTHDAY25 at the store and how you can save $5.00 off with it… But I am not, now am I? I also wouldn’t be telling you about how you can subscribe to my Patreon page either and how if you get the Wool Tier, you can get a code to get a free pattern from said store. (I have Ko-fi too if you ever just wanted to donate there but I never said that, now did I?)

You see. I didn’t advertise myself or put up product placement like Teery has pointed out yesterday. I was merely just saying what I would do if I was advertising in which I am not… Clearly. 


PS: Teery was just being silly and I am too. He doesn’t actually care about it as long as there’s a dragon pattern coming up in which there is not.

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    1. Zoey 2 years ago

      This confused the fuck out of me.

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