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Obituary – Echo – April 16

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Echo, our resident Healer and friend, sacrificed herself in order to fully heal our beloved planet, Hellifyno. She was a mother of three and a highly respected patron of the Cheshire Cat Tavern. She is best known for her caring, motherly demeanor and the chocolate brown snake, Aelu, who was usually coiled around her arm or neck. She loved to welcome and help newcomers and give advice to her friends in need. She deeply loved to help and she risked her life for the survival of an entire planet.

Her son, Dragon Teers, and two daughters, one by the name of Daliyah and the other unnamed, survive her. She will be greatly missed.

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  1. Light 10 years ago

    Echo, I didn’t know you but I will miss your abbsense, those around you seemed to be touched by your deeds. You must have been an amazing person

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