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Of Gods and Monsters

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Raziel was desperate, he knew what he had to do. He had failed to reach his son and connect with him as a man. So, he would try again, this time, as a beast. However, changing of one’s form was not as easy as it looked. It was a painful experience to say the least and each time he did, he risked losing himself to his beast a little more. That didnt matter though. Raziel could control it, he knew he could, he had too. All he needed to do was prepare. The ritual would be a long one, the process arduous, but he had to try. The first thing required was meditation, focusing on the form he wished to take. Even among deities the process of shifting was something uncommon and unnatural. Luckily, he had been a daemon log before a god. A mockery of life and creation some would call it. He threatened to offend others of his pantheon, he didnt care, let them come. This was to be done for more than a mere show of power or status. This was to save what little family he had. He closed his eyes and focused, drinking tea made from water gathered from a wolves paw print and leaves of wolves bane. 

For several hours he did this, steeling his mind. Letting his flesh settle and grow soft to make it all the more easy. Finally he was ready. A silent prayer was offered to the wolf god for forgiveness, but this had to be done. The change began, starting first as a pulse that came from his heart. He clutched at his chest, the pain imense. A groan escaped him as his body twisted and contorted within his skin. His flesh ripped from his arched back as he fell to the ground, keeping himself from the dirt with a single hand. From the tears, tuffs of red fur could be seen rising up from the scar’s. From between his knuckles, large claws protruded. He gave a cry of pain. He would endure, he had too. Both hands on the ground now, his skin rippled as more tears grew and his inner beast began to take form. 

Finally, it ripped through him. A large wolf of red and grey fur, the size of a small truck stood in the place of Raziel’s human form. Its eyes that predatory ember. The beast panted heavily, the ordeal had drained him significantly, but he would be alright for now. Now for the final step. The wolf lowered its head and ate of the flesh of what was Raziel. Its jaw clapping with each bite it took. Its maw covered in his own gore. The wolf lifted his head upwards and gave a loud howl, announcing his change to the world. He moved his head towards the general direction of the inn. It would be time to meet with his son soon. As he should have done many years ago.

  1. Jenna Valagosia 4 years ago

    Jenna hid her smile behind her wine glass as she studied Pasha over the top of it. She didn’t envy him the position he was in, poor man. She stayed silent for a few moments longer then necessary, finishing her wine and keeping him in suspense as to her mood and reaction.

    “I do not envy you, trapped between two such…strong… personalities as your master and myself. Both of us equally used to having our way. I am not unaware of the trouble he invited on himself by allowing you to save me, but Pasha, it was badly done because no matter the intentions, Silas will only here the words ‘vampires’ and ‘have your ward’. What was meant as an olive branch will likely appear as arrogance or gloating. Would you like to venture a guess at how many abducted Fae are returned, safe and sound to their homes, after being in the care of vampires? I’ll give you a hint, the number resembles an egg….”

    She finished her glass of wine and set it down on the curio table, going over to sit next to Pasha. Softly, she ran her fingers across his cheek and along the line of his throat in an affectionate and reassuring caress. “I am concerned about what will happen, but I promise you, that I am already doing all in my power to minimize the damage done. I don’t want to see the blood of anyone in this house shed. There will be blood shed before this is out I fear, Silas will demand it, but I intend to see that it is the right blood, the blood of those actually to blame.”

    Jenna wanted to climb on to his lap, to straddle him and run her hands through his hair and over his cool, smooth skin. The taste of his lips and hands on her body last night had been intense, more so then anything she had ever experienced. She wanted more. But there was a line they must cross first, he had to find away to make peace with the blood in her veins before they could trust him to take her body.

    Standing up, Jenna went to the side board and stood on the other side of it with her back to Pasha, removing the stopper in the bottle, she slipped a straight pin from her sleeve and plunged it into the meat of her thumb. “Stay where you are, please, Pasha.” She warned, as three drops of her ruby blood fell into the almost full bottle of wine. Replacing the stopper and sucking on her thumb to stop the bleeding, Jenna swirled the bottle liberally, mixing her blood in with the wine. Then she crossed over to the other side of the room and took a chair near the balcony.

    “We need to cross this bridge sooner or later, and since we will be having very insistent company soon, there is no time like the present. So, have some wine if you think you can.”

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