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Of Raptor and Maid: “Heroes Rising” Epilogue.

raptor shadow
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Paracosm- Some time after the climax of “Heroes Rising”…

Some time had passed since Consequence had been lost and Ar’Ellis had become a cage for Or and the undead armies of Giovanni. Since Fwuf had hurled themselves at the Eyes of Or, taking a bite before removing a chunk of their own brain to prevent the spread of corruption. Between this and the gas attack on Consequence’s Blue Moon Taverm, Fwuf had been reduced to a meek creature that rarely moved and spoke even less often. Magicia had been using the power of Judas, the God Killer Spear of Twine, to mend the damage done. It would take a long time, but eventually they could recover.

But DaVinci didn’t understand.

The raptor tried his best to help his alpha. He hunted for them now that they were no longer able, but the flesh was barely nibbled. He tried to coax them into play, but his roars were met by crying rather than gutteral maid noises. Over time his shrieks became whimpers, his pounces into gentle nudges. But Fwuf still wasn’t getting better. 

Eventually he just lay with them, following in toe wherever Fwuf went. He could find no other solace. Magicia was busy preparing for her next part of the war effort, the maidlings were in automated lock down, and the other royal pets were too fragile to play with properly. Soon even hunting lost its appeal, and the servants had to bring him food just like Fwuf. 

But there was a tiny glimmer of hope. Despite the thousand yard stare and their meek demeanor, Fwuf could still manage to string together a few words. Their speech was broken at best, but it was still a hint, a tiny glimmer of Fwuf that still remained in that ravaged skull. 

“Fwuf… Tank… Da-Vin-ci…Halp…”

It was enough to keep the feathered serpent from giving up completely. So like a dog by his master’s grave, DaVinci remained with Fwuf. He didn’t understand healing magic, politics, or the whole of so-called gods. What DaVinci did understand was that his staying by the Head Maid’s side would help, whether to speed their recovery… Or simply so the maid wouldn’t have to die alone. 

And that’s all that matters.


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