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Official Facts About Anti-Magic

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Anti-Magic is a substance that was created by the Slayers who hate all things magical.

People who came to the tavern before it was in the Hells have been vaccinated against anti-magic, but those who arrived afterward have not. The vaccine was lost when the tavern on Hellifyno in the city of Consequence was destroyed.

Anti-magic’s first form was gaseous. The gas melts the flesh of magical and mostly-magical creatures as well as those who are heavy magic-users. This included Elves, Dwarves, centaurs, Fae, orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls and a host of other creatures the Slayers considered magical, as well as sorcerers, vampires, werewolves, demons and the like.

Others who were mostly human wouldn’t be melted by the gas but would be made extremely sick by breathing it in, and would lose whatever magic they had. Even those who are vaccinated will still lose their powers to a greater or lesser extent in the presence of anti-magic, depending on the concentration.

Anti-magic was next made into a metal that could be used in making structures, bullets, bombs, grenades and other metallic objects and weapons.

Current Situation With Anti-Magic

We believe (oocly) that anti-magic ammunition is being overused in current roleplay. Here are the reasons:

There is NO source of anti-magic in the Hells, and it is not easy to come by without visiting a Slayer world. Those who have magic in their bodies are rather likely to find it lethal to visit a Slayer world. Therefore, anti-magic bullets are difficult to obtain, and those of you who are using it may find that you have been fooled into purchasing fake anti-magic ammo. Even if it is the real thing, you will find it difficult or impossible to get any more.

Second, when handling this ammunition or having it on your person or around you, you are likely to be made ill by it and could even die by contact with it if you have not been vaccinated. Bear in mind that if your character was not present before our location became the Hells, anti-magic can kill you.

Keeping AM ammunition in a gun on your person doesn’t protect¬† you from it altogether – just having it near you will make you sick and weak and reduce or eliminate your magic abilities. If you are, for example, an unvaccinated Elf, you are a magical creature and are extremely vulnerable to anti-magic. A bullet wound, even a graze, will start your flesh melting and the only cure is to cut out all the affected flesh beyond the point to which it has spread.

Only pure humans are entirely immune to the effects of anti-magic. Even those who are vaccinated are still affected by weakness and loss of magical abilities to at least some extent in the presence of metallic anti-magic, especially when touching it. Those who self-heal will find that wounds made by anti-magic do not heal at a rapid rate, but only at the rate a wound would heal for those without self-healing.

Anti-magic injuries cannot be healed by Phoenix tears or Dragon’s blood.

Please limit your use of anti-magic ammo (either your own or characters you NPC) to a realistic level and bear in mind that you can inadvertently kill another character by using it.

A character who receives a wound so severe from anti-magic that it would, by definition, be fatal may choose to void the attack.


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