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Old Families [World Of Vailsons Arc) Chapter 1:Part 1

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Like Mother, Like Daughter, Shelly was no different than Susan was with looking into stuff or looking to explore the past

Shelly would start looking into an old house in Vailsonbourgh, Kingdom Of Vilkirksmos, which belonged to her Ancestors and the First Known Vailson, Ilena Vailson

Although Shelly didn’t find this place without be told by her Aunt Skye, so she had brought the current Archives Manager of the Kingdom to help her search for anything of importance

During the search, The Archives Manager would come arcoss a Diary, Belonging to Ilena Vailson “Today’s Date is 5/6/191X, This is the first day of being on this planet, after losing everything after the storms hit my home planet of Eirene” People welcomed me with open arms and my hand in marriage was promised to the Camp Leader’s son, Maximum but I was also given the honor of naming the planet, so I named it after my mom, Cadenza Vailson, End Log” 

Shelly was amazed, looking through the spot more and finding a bookshelf of diaries, journals and etc, she would have crew here soon to box everything up and take it to the newly made invesgativation room


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