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Olde Watch IV

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The Watcher’s base on Hellifyno’s moon bustles with activity, as it always has, but more now. A sudden burst of industry has illuminated its folds and ships now shoot from its surface and return in turn with increasing frequency. It has been attacked, and there are defense ships in place everywhere, but without major strike it is free to continue its purview of the stars, and so another great mass, a fleet ascends from the surface. Again a distortion field is in place, obscuring the details of this mass. Is it a hundred, is it a thousand? It’s impossible to tell. Olde Watch is just a city so how many pilots and warriors could it really draft? But the mass is large, larger than that which headed towards Planet I and this one now strikes out with a bold and unhidden trajectory towards Planet IV. They move in wavy formations that analysts can only interpret as battle ready but they make no aggressive moves towards anyone or sentient in the space between.
The mass that is the Olde watch force approached Planet IV, this time moving faster, crossing the space in less than an hour, as opposed to the trip they made to Planet I which took several. This is not a show of force, this is a blitzkrieg, a quick attack and yet, they are not attacking anyone. Not one citizen of Hellifyno is harmed, not one person is killed. The surface of Planet IV itself is empty, not even animals crawl upon it. There are only ruins, ancient arenas, burnt out cities, a scar of former wars and troubles Like a prophecy of Hellifyno to come. But there is nothing to kill, nothing to subdue, and not even a colony marked by citizens of Hellifyno to contend with and so Olde Watch lands here too. They find a place, a fortress now broken, ringed with stadiums of stone, a place naturally defensible, and that is where they choose to land, at least the least of them, smaller ships shooting down to surround and hold the vacant fortress. Energy shields leap up, tunnels are dug, and another entrenched location for the forces of the Watch is established in this expanding solar empire. Meanwhile above, the blob of distortion field that is the fleet of Olde Watch stands ready, watching against any incursion, standing steady to the fold that may be the battle for their new colonial expanse. Lofty in the knowledge that every move they make is legal.
At the behest of certain Senators of the realm of Olde Watch, those with certain proclivities, probes are sent out across the ancient expanse of Planet IV, to seek out artifacts, and items of ruin, and things of power that may have been lost to generations distant past. A superstition perhaps, but one not unjustified from the mortals of a planet such as Hellifyno.

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