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On family.

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The life my family wanted for me wasn’t the same that I wanted for myself. I suppose that everyone can say that at some point in time. Or maybe that is just my own personal thoughts on the matter. I grew up in a family of witches. Power meant everything and one did whatever it took to achieve that power. I was the shining star of my family for so many reasons. Perhaps, it was because everything came easy to me. I was there hope. The best chance they had of moving up in the world. However, I wanted no part of it. I hated the games, the politics, the backstabbing, which is some ways is just another way to say politics. And most of all I disliked the idea that someone else would plan out my life. The arranged marriage to Alexandre was the last straw. I wanted to marry for love. Not because it would increase my clans power. The more power people have the more they seem to think they can rule the world. Take Alex for example, he seems to think the world is his plaything. I must admit that he is rather cute, even if completely insane. I wanted my daughter more than anything else, even if it was also his. I lost her and it devasted me. Perhaps, in ways I would never truly understand. I find it funny though. All my life I have been apart of a family and yet I never fit in. It wasn’t until I found Dimi that I actually felt like I had a sibliing. My sister and I were never close. She saw me as the obstacle to pretty much everything she wanted. But, Dimi it was different. I found him in the snow and took him home. He had no memory of who he was. However, it didn’t matter. He was all those things that my family was not. He cared about others. He wanted to protect people. He didn’t seek power. I call him my brother which in many ways he is. Even, if we are not related by blood. I discovered that sometimes family is what you make, not that which you are born in. Don’t get me wrong I love my real family very much, how could I not. It is just for the first time in my new home, I feel as if I belong.




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  1. Sepia Kael 9 years ago

    Sepia was quiet for a moment after her said that. She occupied herself with assembling the perfect bite of sticky rice, rare, ruby red fish and crisp, salty, seaweed and then chewing thoughtfully. “I didn’t ask… You didn’t owe me an explanation, but… thank you for giving me one.” She told him softly. Sepia knew of Christine, Gus’ daughter. They had met a few times and Christine hated Sepia and Sepia certainly didn’t favor her. She was a vain, ungrateful brat who used her father’s love in the worst way. But she was stunningly gorgeous. An ethereal, angelic appearing beauty. Tall, lithe, and graceful with pale gold hair, the palest blue eyes and milk colored skin. The oposite of Sepia. The idea of that brat anywhere near Isidor was painful. Had he not cared for her at all? Or had they once had a some sort of relationship and she just felt more for him then he had her? It wasn’t her place to ask those questions so she pushed them away. Finishing her small meal before him, she cleaned off her hands and slipped them back into the black gloves, gently pulling his treasured book towards her and unwrapping it with all due care a reverence. 

    “Annalis Sancta et Divinae Veneficus…” She read the title out loud and smiled. “No wonder you were so in love. This is your history and heritage, not to mention there are less then a dozen copies left. It was silly for the Paladins to ban it from the churches and burn it during the Burning Light Wars, it’s the legacy of their religion as well, but then when do the Paladins ever do anything that isn’t stupid? If you like, I have an extra of this books sister volume by the same author, Annalis Tenebris et Tenebrarum Veneficas, I don’t know if it’s still banned or not, but it’s yours if you want it. I’d love to reunite the siblings.”

    Closing the book she wrapped it back up and reached into the jewelers bag and pulled out the long thin box that held the chain she’d gotten him. Keeping it out of sight, she toyed with the ribbon under the table. “You don’t talk much about religion, yet you are a holy scholar. Faith is personal, but… I’m curious. Do you believe?”

  2. Author
    Katia Devry 8 years ago

    Of course I am love. I so enjoy watching you squirm. Just kidding. However it is the truth. And I love you to.

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