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Once in Babylon pt1

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Glamour kept her shifting from so slight and small to something so severe and serious.  Gaia was a child and yet as ageless as the Star he’d fallen from.  They stared at one another as if no one else in the world could see them they way they would.  Aero felt her fingers in his hair, a hand smoothing down the line of a burdened shoulder to sprawl flat across his chest.  

And then it was a vision of Gale who turned her lips to his ears, an intimate whisper for only him.  

“You gave life, love and happiness for me.  You gave Time and Soul for me.  Knowing what I am as no other before and yet, you have still come to heed my call.”  Sighing against the sensitive flesh, as long legs looped over the sharp jut of his hip and kept him caged against her.  Gaia stared on, unaware of the interloper; unaware that the necklace she’d picked out of a dozen brought such an illusion to life.  

“You gave me everything.”  Scathing fingernails cut over his heart.  “And, I will ask you for more.” Turning her green gaze to the child.  “You must see me safe.  I’ve a Champion, Court and Sister to do everything else — but you must be my dagger.”

A Dagger at the Heart of night is worth a thousand swords at the break of Dawn. 

The lesson was whispered in his ear in a life before this, when he was Man-Made and not Star-Born.  When she seemed more dream than nightmare.

“And, when you’re all used up and laid to rest in the sky once more.”  A fist in his hair drew back his head.  “I will Grow and wear you against my bare breast until you’ve found your way home – too me.”

-written by iiiTheUnseen (used with thanks)

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