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Once Upon A December

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    The lake had frozen over finally; about a good foot or two of ice layered over the surface. I was delighted to go out into the winter night; bundled appropriately and donning on my skates at the docks. I loved doing things that involved grace and poise, ice skating had been something to look forward to all year. Once they were tied and in place, I slowly stood onto the ice and shuffled one foot out and the other one lifting somewhat to send me gliding forward. I tended to glide when I walked, I loved the fact I literally glided across the ice.

    Christmas was coming; it’d be my fourth in all technicality. I was looking forward to this one because it may be something I could actually remember and enjoy. My slender body did and expert spin, the only sound made was the blades of my skates scraping the ice. I then lurched to the left and moved along several feet with my arms spread out some as if to meet a dance partner. So much had managed to change for me in such a short time. Not just me, but all my family members; some good things some bad.

    My parents were busy, possibly more than ever. They came home every night though to have dinner and say goodnight to us. Mom was superwoman it seemed; balancing two “projects” while helping Nelly with the wedding, planning a Holiday party, and taking care of four children. She rarely looked tired, in fact she seemed happy. I believed it was because my mother enjoyed these things, I just wished she would take some time for herself to write. I loved my mother’s stories, as did Apple and everyone else in our family.

    Levi seemed to be smitten, therefor he tried to cover up the feelings he may have by saying I had a boyfriend. I wasn’t one to make fun, so I would leave him be on it. My twin was just as lost as I was when it came to the opposite sex and the way they worked with “flirting”. I hate that word… I thought to myself as I made a figure eight. The only difference was my brother could pretend he knew what he was doing much better than I could. Another thing is no one seemed to care what he did while everyone was concerned over a male around me. 

    Except my mother really, possibly because my mother had been in the same position as me at this age. I sighed aloud, my breath frosting the air for a moment. “I can certainly take care of myself, all the males I have met wouldn’t take advantage of me; at least from what I’ve seen so far. And if they were to try I could fend them off enough until I get to safety.” I muttered to myself as I gained speed and took a leap into the air, spinning three times before landing on one skate and gliding along once more; arms outstretched and one leg behind me and off the ground.

    I moved to the middle of the ice and practiced my spin, tightening my form as my thoughts continued. I suppose I didn’t really know what to do with myself relationship wise. Had my heart been captured without me realizing it? Certainly I was too young for that…but my parents had fallen in love at my age. I spun faster, closing my eyes and holding my arms to my chest. 

    Love, I know nothing of it. I would never know if I’d fallen. And even if I did I did not know if I’d be able to tell the person first. Rejection is a terrifying prospect. Even for just being a friend of someone, let alone becoming someone they would cherish more than anything else? Though I suppose a male could feel the same, which is why some do not ever get together. They have feelings for each other but do not ever say it for fear of rejection.

    Was someone calling my name? I did not acknowledge it. I spun faster.

    Minus Camden, everyone in my family had someone they could go to for a romanticism of sorts. Could share a private moment with and a happiness that did not come from a family member or simple friend. I am sixteen, I assume this is a part of hormones wishing for a person to be romantic with. Share a kiss with, to be held in their arms. To-

    CRACK. The ice suddenly became unstable under my feet. Before I could even scream in surprise I went down. Water washed over my legs; my waist, my neck, and my head in a matter of seconds. Icy water filled my lungs and even with my eyes wide open I could not make out a single blur in the darkness of the water. Instinctively, I thrashed to try and kick up back to the surface.

    My skates were weighing me down; the inability to breath put a panicking pressure on my brain. While despite my best efforts, I could not find my way up. While I began to sink, one thing on my body rose and came with in my line of sight. A pendant of a single wing; a mystical edge to it glowed in the dark water. And that was when I realized that my body was not cold.

    In fact…the water was warm. Very warm; as if feeling the fire from a few feet away. Hypothermia? I didn’t think so. There was a sudden stir in the water. My eyes cast upward even as my lungs began to feel like they would burst. Where the ice had broken through; a figure was reaching into the water. A hand going for mine that was unconsciously outstretched. When palms were pressed together, the hand taking mine felt large and calloused. Somewhat unfamiliar…but familiar at the same time.

    As quickly as I’d gone into the water, I was pulled out. Winter air stung my wet skin. My body was dragged a bit across the ice while I coughed up lake water. “Evie! EVIE!” that was Levi’s voice…he was shaking me as I was put on my side to get the water out of my lungs. Once I was done hacking he scooped me up with formidable strength and made his way for home. I could hear the shouts of my parents, Levi shouting to them what happened.

    “…spinning and burned through the ice! that’s what it looked…” Levi’s voice was fading in and out. Everything was blurry as I tried to open my water stung eyes. With a small groan I decided it was better to just keep them closed. I tried to process what Levi had said as I was carried inside. Burned through the ice? I knew my fire started to burn with strong emotions, but while I was skating? It explained while the water felt warm though…

    I heard my mother asking me if I was okay and I drowsily nodded my head, moaning with discontent at how cold I felt. I was put into my father’s arms as he and my mother took me up state to get a change of clothes and warm me up. As I was carried, I vaguely realized something: I knew Levi had been the one to pull me out of the ice. 

    But what didn’t make sense was his hand could not in any way have been the one I originally felt pull me up. So what made me think it was such?



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  1. Surreal Sadis 9 years ago

    Blood bathed her like a warm fountain as all around her, men died with sickening crunch of bone and arterial spray. Pressing down with her clawed foot she, crushed the last skull of the first wave. Looking around, she felt icy terror seize her heart as a pair of knights rushed towards Lavi, she roared and dashed in front of him, having only seconds to take the blows meant for him. A burning pain exploded in her flank and she wrenched out the sword, only to have another one sink into arm and scrape bone. Those two men died quickly, but their bodies didn’t even get a chance to land before Lavi, her beautiful, sweet, innocent, boy, cast a spell that Surreal only knew in theory, never in practice.

    Her eyes swiveled to him and she heard his pleas to stop. Surreal planted her feet, looking at the five who remained. Yarin was among them. She was wounded, angry, cornered and Lavi had no idea what he was asking. Surreal had tried, three times, to get them to leave! They didn’t want to go. They wanted to kill her and take her… what had it been this time? Oh yes, skin, back as a trophy of their noble deed. What did he want her to do? Let them go so they could come back with more until she had an army at her door or a visiting inquiry from the College? No. This was her home. She’d defend it. She had people here to keep safe, Lavi included.

    Surreal met Lavi’s eyes and then in a quick flurry of motion, she ripped out the throats of every last one of the knights. It was a quick clean death, but a messy one. She flipped back into human form and her legs instantly gave out, tumbling her to the blood slicked floor. Moderate wounds in dragon form could become major when she changed back. She was in no danger of dying… but it would take till at least nightfall for her to be able to heal this all. Surreal had fallen near one of the green and gold banners of Summervale and with a weak snarl, she shredded it with her nails. Sending a cascade of tiny pieces of confetti into the air to drift back down to bloody glass.

    Lavi was crying, but so was she. There was nothing she could say that would comfort him. Not after that. She’d lost him, he was surely gone, and her heart broke, but there was nothing to be done now. With an enormous sweep of her own power, the spell he had woven faded and the men fell to the earth, already dead, and the palace returned to it’s original state, hastily wiping away her own tears. Mathew and Ric rushed in and took one look around. Mathew nodded once to Ric and went to find people to help removed the bodies. Ric rushed over to Surreal and cursed when he saw she was hurt.

    “Healer or…? Tell me what to do, Your Grace.” He asked softly, his voice shaking a bit from anger and being surrounded by death.

    Surreal looked to Lavi, “Get Lavi out of here. Take him to his room, give him what he needs and wants.” Ric looked like he wanted argue but didn’t, he simply nodded then wrapped an arm around Lavi’s shoulder and guided him out while Mathew scooped up Surreal in his arms and took her away in the opposite direction.

  2. Evaline 9 years ago

    Pretty Writing Eve! 8D

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