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One and Only

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Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
Having just received the news that Vera is infact infected, she’s decided to channel the anger she’s accumulated.. By letting it out on the zombie populace, and destroying the entire landscape as she goes. Her psionic powers tearing apart anything that may get in her way. She’s destroyed the landscape around her, turning this once nice green landscape into a war zone. Yeah. She’s that pissed. The blood of the zombies she’s destroyed had already formed together. If not for her being able to take it down as quick as the crap forms it’s self into the monster it’s trying to become, it might’ve become the biggest damn zombie on Hellifyno. But no, it’s fallen victim to the absolute frustration that lies in Zoey’s mind. Being let loose and fueled by the other half. She gets to the point where she eventually decides to take a breather, and lets out one, super charged shock wave to disperse the ink blood beast and any zombies nearby. Immediately after, she plops down, letting her mind settle for a moment..
((Ugh. I repeat words too much.))
Desmond Foles
He’s watched her little temper tantrum. Now that she’s calmed herself, he can safely enter. Appearing to her right and a few feet away, he lets out quite possibly the most obvious attempt at getting under her skin he can. “You finished? I don’t think they deserve THAT much punishment.” Desmond Foles. May not be insane anymore, but still enjoys pushing his sister’s buttons.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
Funny. She’s so damn pissed off, she can’t even try and argue with him. She just shrugs her shoulders and says simply, “Oh, they do.” Hell yes they do! They got her daughter. The little girl she saved years ago and watched become a teen. Granted, most of that time was off world and that time flew by for Desmond. Not like he’ll just know these things. Only a mere two weeks passed for him.
Desmond Foles
Letting out a small exhale, he shakes his head. “How long do you think this will last?” He asks, waving his right hand at the infected in the distance. Jesus, she flung them far.. “After all, it’s not like this is a permanent thing.” That’s mainly himself hoping. He has some people himself he’s watching over. An old interest of his, and her family. Only now he can’t even begin to speak to them, considering how he’s now well known for his insanity.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
Not once has she thought of that. She just considered Hellifyno to be screwed anyways. “Dunno.” She says simply, then eyes the incoming infected. Time they move, shall they? She pushes herself to a stand, holding her hand out for him. “Come on, we can get to the station up above. They evacuated us there from Consequence before hand.”
Desmond Foles
He nods, taking her hand. “Try and have us appear on the station, rather than in the void of space, will you?” He jokes, smirking.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
Rolling her eyes, they’d both vanish, and to Desmond’s request, they /unfortunately/ didn’t end up having Desmond outside the station with Zoey having her hand to the glass.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
2/28 11:46PM
They’d appear on the station, right in Zoey and Lily’s quarters. Lily, surprised to see Desmond of all people, jumps up wondering if something is wrong. Zoey raises hand, signifying that everything is okay. Letting out a sigh of relief, she plops herself back down, going back to trying to figure out ways to help Vera, who’d be laid across the bed in front of her.
Desmond Foles
2/28 11:47PM
Eyeing Vera, he lets out a sharp exhale.. “It’s worse than I thought…” He shakes his head, raising a hand to push the hair from his eyes immediately after. “No one on board knows, do they?
((Friggin’ enter.))
Eyeing Vera, he lets out a sharp exhale.. “It’s worse than I thought…” He shakes his head, raising a hand to push the hair from his eyes immediately after. “No one on board knows, do they?”
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
2/28 11:49PM
Zoey sighs, leaning up against the wall and crossing her arms. “I’ve manged to slow the process by using some psionics and what not to slow it’s spread from her arm, but..” She then lowers her voice.. “It’s just getting worse and worse. As if there’s nothing I can do.”
F.E.V reject #627
2/28 11:51PM
*as the mutant is working on his rocket one of the fusion regulator cell for the fusion core comes apart,the mutant sees this and rips it out knowing it is now unstable,he runs from the ship to the docking port shoves it down the barrel of his gunn and fires it into space,it explodes moments later with a sound so loud the hole station would hear it as well as makeing a quite bright light*arrg that as close.
Desmond Foles
2/28 11:52PM
Looking at Zoey, he finds those words surprising. He just bore witness to her tearing apart entire hordes, and has watched as she has survived multiple demonic attacks and so much more, becoming stronger than before each time. How is it she’s only able to /slow/ the process? “We’ve got to find something, or someone-” He then stops. There was a woman he met a couple of weeks before this all began who had the ability to manipulate blood. If he can get her to agree to help, then maybe.. He turns to face Zoey- ignoring the sudden boom.. Okay, no. Not ignoring it. “What the hell was that?” He jerks his head to the direction of the sound, his psionic energy flaring up.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
2/28 11:55PM
Her own energy flares up as well, only much, much more. Her eyes turn a deep blue as she teleports directly into the hangar, expecting to see some sort of attacking force, only to find some weird looking dude, a gun, and the energy of the explosion outside.. She lets out a sigh of relief, her energy falling back to a suppressed form. A few mind bullets go through something in the air that would be normally invisible to non-psykers. All one would hear is a ka-plunk as a body falls.
F.E.V reject #627
2/28 11:56PM
*the mutant crawls back into the side of his ship and begins to rebuild the fusion regulator,taking care to weld each part in place separately,he then get on a radio*sorry about that problem with the fusion reactor,don’t worry thought that explosion was non-nuclear repeat non-nuclear.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
2/28 11:57PM
Sighing, she teleports back to her quarters… Immediately asking Desmond, “So, you were saying?”
Desmond Foles
2/28 11:58PM
Ah, yes.. He takes half a second to remember what he was going to say, then begins. “There’s a woman who lives on the outskirts of Consequence who specializes in blood manipulation. Only, well, there’s a small price to her works, if you want her to help you.” He then hesitates.. “Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it..”
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
Both Lily and Zoey call the “Bullshit” card on that one. Neither one of them believe a single speck of what he’s saying. Though, it does intrigue Zoey.. “Who is it?” She raises an eyebrow, giving him that, ‘Yeah, I believe you but I don’t wanna show it’ kinda look. If this woman’s blood ability stuff do work, though.. You never know. She might help out a lot.
F.E.V reject #627
*the mutant finishes his work then seals up he panels hr took off and leands against his rocket to rest*
Desmond Foles
Shoot.. What /was/ her name.. Something like.. Oh wait a minute. “Her name’s Jude Ella. She’s currently got some sort of an itch to claim the soul of a god. She never went into the details, though.. She hired me to help her collect information on how she can potentially come across one- not that I can simply give her that information with out her telling me why, so she had told me that she simply, ‘needs one to set herself free’. I believe if you agree to help her with her own mission, you might be able to get her to help Vera.”
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
She takes a moment to process this. Lily even savors the idea of it. Zoey sighs, saying simply, “How about we see if this woman will do it tomorrow morning? I need some rest.” In truth, the extended hour long exertion from before has worn her mind out, and currently, she’s running on fumes.
Desmond Foles
He nods. “Well alright then. Tomorrow morning. We’ll see about getting her to help us.” With this, he vanishes, leaving them to do as they please.
Zoey, Lily, And Vera Tompkins (Vietnow Radio)
One, big collective sigh from Zoey and Lily as they prop themselves up against the wall. They’ve got to prepare themselves for tomorrow. They /need/ to get Vera cured, one way or another. No way in hell are they losing their one and only. Even if it means going against their morals, they’ll get Vera fixed. Regardless of who ends up in their way.

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