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As some of you are aware, replies from me have become either unbearably slow or are no longer being sent out. The last couple of weeks, my muse has dropped to almost nothing and as a result, my writing is completely on standstill as are most of my plots. Primarily, this affects growth of the Giovanni, my things with the Octavians, and one or two of my other character things.

I have received salt on all fronts regarding plots having fallen through or the lack of replies which has just sort of made things worse. It’s also affected my mental and emotional state so for the sake of my mental health, I’m on temporary leave from writing.

I will still be around for ooc purposes and maybe to plan things out for plots after or to discuss any ooc assumptions based on plots or plans we may have had with any of my characters but otherwise, please do not expect posts from me for a week or two.

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