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OOC Blog: Ning Vs. Multi

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My wife and I were talking about the rivalry between multi and ning, and how it might be fun to encourage the animosity between the two group, at least for the sake of a story line. (Only for the sake of a story line. As I would never encourage such things between groups in real life.) The premise is simple the two groups for whatever reason just don’t like each other. The exact reason can be for the players involved to decide. However, I do have a couple ideas.

The first being, after the heroes (multi) save Hellifyno from another invasion. (They just pushed the Tremere from the city if I got my facts straight) The citizens (ning) seem indifferent to it all. They seem not to care about the sacrifices that the heroes made in defense of Hellifyno.

The second idea is much like the first but instead of being indifferent the people of (ning) blames the heroes for all the troubles Helliyfno has endured and decides to rebel against them.

Assuming that anyone likes this idea, the two groups due to the tension sends spies into the other to gather information and other such things, because spying is fun. We could have the people in comments get involved by encouraging them to support one side or another, or even start their own group of we think you are both crazy, and we are going over here. 

  1. Cecilia di Sighisoara 8 years ago

    I still fail to see why he’s so whiny about them all. 

  2. Author
    Kieran Giese 7 years ago

    Why stop at breaking The Berlin Wall? Let’s smash it into such small pieces that rebuilding it would be impossible. Anyways, thank you. That is exactly what I thought. I do understand someone not wanting to go into the other chat then the one they normally do because it crashed or severely lag their computer. However, I figured if they were interested in the story line idea they could be the ones giving the orders to the characters of players who have no such issues.

    This is very true. There is no rule on this site  that states that you have to play with everyone and/or every idea that comes your way. If something isn’t your cup of tea feel free not to participate with it. Believe me there are many story lines I did not and do not join just for that reason. The whole thing with looking for excuses why something shouldn’t be done every time somebody proposes a new idea is that we (the players) can come up with excuses why not to do something for every idea. And well we can just imagine what will happen to role-play if that occurs. 

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