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OOC: DMing The Planet Hellifyno

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Over the course of the next 2-3 months I will be trying something experimental using the World War Story arc, which has been publicized recently. I am going to start taking almost complete DM control over the planet of Hellifyno, and its cities, including the vast majority of NPC’s that live on the planet, as well as weather patterns and natural phenomenon.

While this will have little effect on the average players characters, it will have a profound impact on those players that have characters which currently “control” the major cities of Hellifyno, as marked on this map.


This is being done to bring the world of Hellifyno to life. For far too long the city states of this planet have sat on their hands, refusing to engage in the normal military, political, and economic strife that such a planet should in reality be rife with. I hope to change this by creating problems, incidents, conflicts, and hatred among the varying peoples of the land.

What Does This Mean?

The nature of this DM’ing means that I will be causing changes, actions, and factions to break out among, and throughout the various cities on the world. I will be doing this without the prior consent of the city leaders, and sometimes even against their wishes. To best illustrate this point I shall pit forth some examples.

– You may wake up one morning, and find out in a Chronicle Society post that a legion of your best soldiers was wiped out in a battle against an aggressive neighboring state.

– You may, without warning, lose large swathes of land around your city state, villages, farmland, and environment, to an enemy army that has suddenly seized it.

– It is possible that a plague will break out in your city, due to the use of biological warfare, which you will then be forced to deal with.

– Your city may, without warning, suffer from a terrible bombing raid that causes death and destruction throughout your territory.

– Earthquakes may hit, without warning, causing large amounts of damage.

– A revolution, or civil war may suddenly break out in your city without any prior authorization.

– Battles may be fought, even important ones, that you may win or lose, but you will have no idea they are even taking place until you hear it live on the Chronicle Society Newscast or read about it in the paper the next day.

What Will Not Happen

– No major player character will be controlled by me. King Apple won’t suddenly turn into Hitler and call for the death of all mice in Consequence. Emperor Brutus will not be making a statement about how he hates or loves this territory or that. In fact, the majority of references to the actual city leaders when noted in the Chronicle Society will be “the leader of such and such a city has declined to comment on this incident as of yet.” They are your characters and I do not want to change or control them. It’s the NPC’s that I am interested in.

– I will not permanently damage, destroy, or conquer any city without the prior consent of its leaders. You won’t wake up one morning and find that army X now owns the city that you have worked so hard to build. You won’t wake up one morning and find that your home city has been bombed to rubble.

(That is not to say that I will not cause harm, strife, and damage to these cities. Simply that the changes will not be irreparable.


As you all know, I am quite insane. But I am also reasonable. If there are things that you and your city do not want to be involved in then I am willing to work with you. A good example of this is the city of Persistence. They do not want to be directly involved in the fighting of World War Hellifyno, so they shall not. However a stray bomb may hit them from time to time, they may be threatened by larger powers into signing treaties they do not like, food shortages, plague, and refugees, are all parts of war as well, and are possibilities for that realm.


I know that many of you will not be happy with these changes, and I understand your concerns. I fully believe that this plan has a 50% – 75% chance of failure. That is why it is being implemented temporarily, over the next few months, until we have a few major battles, some planned, some unplanned, and some completely virtual, under our belt.

At that point I am more than willing to re-evaluate the system and if it is failing, I will happily step down from my role as main director of the story arc, and allow you, the players to take over, determining what will happen next on Hellifyno.

If you have any questions for me please leave them in the comments section below. Thank you.

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    Fury is wrought by the basest of emotional parts;

    true strength is derived by those from the heart.

    Jealousy roused from ignoble plight;

    for the true aristocratic soul covets the light.

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