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OOC: DM’s – Availability and Training

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The word DM refers to the person who runs a particular adventure or mission. It is the DM’s job to narrate the landscape, the NPC’s that the heroes encounter, the features of whatever space they are in, and the effects of the actions that the players take, as well as controlling all NPC enemies that may arise during the story.

The Chronicle Society is in contact with a variety of people that have been proven to be fun, effective, and talented DM’s during missions that have occurred over the course of the past few months. If you feel that your next adventure would benefit from being run by one of these experienced individuals, contact the Chronicle Society via message or wall post, and let us know what your needs are.

As long as you contact us early enough, we should be able to match you up with an available DM that can help you to run your adventure. We recommend that you get in touch with us at least one to two weeks before you plan on having the event in order to ensure that someone will be available to help you out.

Any DM that participates will work with you, and the story that you have developed, and will follow your guidelines in as strict, or loose a manner as you wish.

If there are any experienced DM’s that would like to be put on our list of people available to help narrate missions, contact us and let us know.

DM Training

Have you ever wanted to command hordes of evil minions and send them crashing down on a group of heroes in wave after wave of agonizing violence? Well, we can teach you how. Those individuals that are interested in being trained in the art of being a good DM should contact the Chronicle Society via private message. We can give you tips, hints, and a broad education on the nuances necessary for running a fun storyline effectively.

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  1. I was wondering if i could have a DM’s assistance for a main story line quest I’ve been thinking of but i need help to see if it will work and it is majorly tied into the main story line. 

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