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OOC Help For The Site

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Hello everyone. If you’ve been on in the last few days you’ve seen that the site has been experiencing some technical issues. I’ve been working really hard to try and resolve them and I believe I have a permanent fix in place. 

What I need now is the help of all of you to test out the site and make sure it is, actually working now. Please post stories, forums, and change your profile. And chat private message me as Dragon Teers anything that you find that isn’t working. 

Thank you all for your patience and your help. 

    1. RC2 2 weeks ago

      Hey Teery. A problem occurs: doubling and duplicating notifications about incoming messages. I reciefed one (1) message from a friend and got three (3) notifications which won’t go away after I check them.
      Thank you and all the admins/developers for the site, it’s the best of the best really.

    2. Maere 2 weeks ago

      Trying to log into another account it told me I had to unblock some bullshit and go through some malblock or blockware or something. if it happens again, I will pm you with photos.

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