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(OOC) I don’t get it…

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I really don’t get it. What is it with people and depressing things? I’m always seeing characters on here with depressing lives. Some of them never even get a break from it. Their writers refuse to let them. But why? Why not let people feel a little happiness for once?

I really just don’t get it. Sadness is a bad emotion. We aren’t supposed to seek it out. So why are so many people here obsessed with it? Abuse, rape, murder, just general depression… why do so many people want that here?

I sound like a broken record…

I don’t want you to say “Oh, it’s realistic, because sad things happen in real life.”

Yes, that is true. But you are also very wrong.

Sadness does happen, yes, but it isn’t the main emotion of life. Life gets tough. But nothing lasts forever, happiness eventually comes. Also, isn’t the point of coming here to escape our depressing real lives anyways?

I just want to see some people’s lives on here balance out all that negativity… I want to see some more happy characters, even if for a little bit.

In a place where we can do what we want, why do we obsess over negativity? I don’t get it…


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    1. Oberon 6 months ago

      Unfortunately it’s not something you need to ‘get’. People will play what they want as long as it’s within the rules and guidelines. It’s not something you should get this worked up about, as there’s nothing you can do about it, even if you don’t “get” it, or understand it. If it upsets you that much, it might not be the forum for you. I don’t want to say shit like “if you don’t like it, then leave”, because I understand. I look at some people’s play sometime and shake my head, but I’m not going to judge them because they’re going to write what they enjoy writing, whether I like it or not. I’m pretty sure I play some things that others may roll their eyes at, or think is “played out”, “uninteresting”, but I’ll tell you, I don’t give a flying fuck as long as I’m having fun lol. So all I can say is try to enjoy yourself, and if you can’t, it might be prudent to move on.

    2. Iniro Valencia 6 months ago

      I do agree with all points above but there is a limit to be had
      Coming from someone whos been on this site practically at its birth.
      There were some things that were passable and some that were not.

      Yes conflict helps a story not go stale. But it has to be spaced out. I can understand What maxie is getting to.
      A character who has had a hard life and struggles and at times ends up in bad situations is fine. but part of character growth is that they break from that and try to improve and better themselves.

      Now to make my point about a limit.
      A character with a bad past or rough life is fine

      But what I think Maxie is talking about is we sometimes have people in chat
      “Walks in sad….stabs self and dies” And that is literally the only Trait the character has.
      And honestly its done simply as attention seeking a nothing more.
      This was heavily frowned upon.
      Heck we even has random pregnant character just giving birth in the middle of the tavern/inn every other day
      it was weird.
      Truthfully some of the stuff i see in red sun is very borderline breaking TOS at times and even gets removed by admins. There is a certain tact to be used with such subjects.

    3. Magicia Valencia 6 months ago

      Here’s how I see it:

      When writing a character, we often seek not just a backstory to flesh them out, but something that motivates what they do as we play them. The pain of the past can be used as a drive for hope, or perhaps the weight that drags a character into deeper conflict.

      Just gonna use my character as an example because that’s easiest. She came from a powerful family who didn’t think she met their standards, and that led to a lot of pain and misfortune. However, as I started playing her, that rejection from her family drove her character arc as she made decisions. She found approval through a new powerful family, and through the past few years has been in a constant internal conflict of deciding whether she wants to be feared or be loved. Her backstory helps pinpoint how to write her, but what happens in RPs is what further fleshes things out.

      For people like me, that tragedy is a driving conflict. A tool that is used as a means to create a story.

      Another thing to consider is that sometimes it’s a coping method. Sometimes we choose to vent our frustrations about real life through our characters. Writing can be a healthy medium for that.

      I know there’s also plenty of characters who are what I call ‘sad for the sake of sad’. The seemingly suicidal for no reason and whatnot. I cannot speak for them, but perhaps this is just their coping mechanism for something they’re going through. Or it could just be attention seeking.

      Are tragic backstories and rp arcs necessary? No, of course not. Everyone has different writing methods. We’re all just here to have fun in the end, and that’s what matters. If you want a character who has things going well for them, then that is your choice to make. However, it might limit what could happen for that character.

      One last thing to note is that while negativity is, indeed, a negative thing, it isn’t something to be outright shunned. A certain level of negativity is actually important for a healthy mind. It allows us to remain skeptical and able to perform critical thinking, so that we may recognize issues when they are present.

      Shunning all negativity, regardless of circumstance, is actually a practice known as “toxic positivity” – a dangerous psychological state where by refusing to acknowledge any and all negativity, we leave ourselves completely vulnerable, and push away those who are trying to express genuine concerns.

      That is just my personal perspective of it.

    4. Tsubame 6 months ago

      I know it can be distressing at times to see so much in-character (IC) trauma, but try not to worry about it too much. On a writing site like this there’s going to be a lot of different genres and themes touched on depending on the writer or even just people’s mood. Some characters are badasses that fight injustice and protect the meek. Others are monsters that want nothing more than to eat people. Some stories are tragedies filled with heartbreak and discomfort, and others are comedies with silly characters.

      And that’s fine! Both happy and unhappy stories have room to flourish here. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Perhaps if you see a lot of negative stuff that you don’t like, I think the most fun way to balance it out would be to try and write up some positive story beats. You could do something nice for your character, or work with someone else to make a positive story. Be the change you want to see! If it works out, great! It not, try not to stress it too much.

      Hopefully seeing more “depressing” stuff at the forefront doesn’t discourage you from writing the way you like. Try to keep yourself positive OOC, no matter what’s going down IC!

    5. Clayton Wade 6 months ago

      There are a lot of, dark, stories here. But there are those who write some more uplifting things.

    6. Author

      Everybody here gets a thumbs up from me.

    7. Yeah Darya you are right, the reason why characters lean on abusive tendencies for their characters is to make other people feel bad for them. In their terms, its just another way of good story writing but I call balls to that. I believe that there are bad things that happen to characters but once everyone begins to have the same sounding story of abuse or rape its in a way degenerate to good storytelling but a good back story with somewhat original sounding trama then that is in means of a good story. Ex to my character, in his early life as a child he hadn’t much of it. His mother had run away after his birth and his father really not enough time for him. But through the low regarding demands, he had a twin sister helping him through his times. Eventually, it had gotten to the point to where his father was now sending Fyzenguard off to train with stress-related settings. Eventually, his sister had died many years before he had returned and no one had told him. His sister was his only drive to carry on through his training knowing he would see her again. After her death he changes becoming much more in tune with family…even know his father was his last relative. I used his sisters death to make him more aware to hold onto family figures closer then he had before.

      These small story anime characters who say they were abused because of homosexuality and they had run away is really a thin-lined story that people lose interest in. So I feel you perfectly, why is there so much boring abusive story. Its for other to feel bad for them or for them to think the world owes them something it does not.

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