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{OOC} I love kids. Here’s why.

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SO! My and my step-brother (for the sake of this, i’m going to call him.. Sammy.) Sammy went out to Red Robin with our parents. Now, before hand, we both went to wash our hands. While we were in there, he got in first and went to the far end of the sink, where as I stayed closer to the door. What I didn’t realize was that both of the stalls in there had a kid in there. As they came out (And holy hell, it scared me. They came out simutaniously.) they looked at me, then my step brother, then back to me, (Saw it in the mirror) and they asked, “You know this is the boy’s room, right?” Now, seeing how apparently people mistake me for a female cause of my hair I turned and went, “Oh, yeah. I’m a guy.” I heard Sammy laughing just a wee bit there.. The kid that asked the question then surprised me when he then went, “I’m talking about HER.” And pointed right at Sammy. At this point, Sammy was fucking dying of laughter and I damn near followed. I looked at the kid and told him, “That’s a guy too.” And the kid fucking bolted out the door going, “Oh god! I’m outta here!” And the other one eventually followed.

What made it even better was the fact that my step brother was wearing this pair of shorts with patches on them that went down to his knees, and under that you can CLEARLY see the massive amount of fucking leg hair he has.

Aaaand i’m too lazy to write an outro so.. Fuck you.

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