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OOC: Past Life – The Tenth Life.

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(Soooo I was beginning to think my profile was a bit too cluttered with the information from both my characters lives sitting on it. To that end anyone wishing to know what happened in lifetime ten can read it here.)

˜”*°•.˜”*°• Past Life •°*”˜.•°*”˜

I was born in Fallacy to Irys Night after her rather brief relationship with my father Lexi Zagurian, who she’d been completely in love with, everyone makes mistakes and he was hers, they were together only briefly but in that time he’d made her feel like she was special, he was a master maniplulator like that, when I was only four years old he stole me away from her taking me to the human world where he raised me alongside my three older brothers, out of them all I grew closest to Michael, who at the start had avoided me as if I were the plague but finally came around, we became incredibly close and if I’m honest he’s probably the only reason I survived our father’s harsh treatment at all. 

For the longest of times I’d been a disappointment to our father thanks to my complete lack of magical talent, or so he’d thought, I’d even thought I was without any kind of talent. But this wasn’t the case, he’d simply been going about triggering my powers in the wrong way, he tried to frighten me into using them, but fear wasn’t my trigger, anger was. What I am is rather hard to explain, you see while I’m a rare type of witch: A Storm Witch. I’m also something else, something incredibly dark, ever since I was very young the darkness hasn’t scared me, in fact I used to find comfort in it, when my father would lash out I’d often seek out the dark, hide there. Some part of my being craved darkness, needed it like it was a part of my very soul, it would take me years to figure out why, to learn that I am part of the Veil, that the darker side of myself was linked to it, how or why I’m not sure, perhaps I have a higher calling beyond what I would later discover.

I was eleven, nearing twelve actually when my trigger was reached, my elder brother Draven had cornered me and wouldn’t leave me alone, no matter how much I insisted. When driven to the point I wanted to lash out a dark rage had filled me, and with it came my rather unique abilities. The essence of the storms was first to manifest, or at least one aspect of it: wind, I’d lifted my hand as if to hit him and sent him flying into a wall, panic stricken that same power had transported me away, to Fallacy, the home of my mother’s bloodline. While there I’d learned that not only could I call up the storms as a whole but channel each individual aspect too, this was what it meant to be a storm witch. Getting to know the side of my family I’d never known existed was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling bad that I’d left Michael behind and wondered if I’d ever see him again.

Like all teenagers, by fourteen I’d grown bored with nothing to do, well except for lounging around in the various rooms our families huge Manor had to offer or exploring the realm that is. Even with Cyan Jay, the friend I’d made the day I arrived back in the realm I found the days would begin to drag. My solution to this was to become sort of a wanderer, taking trips outside of the realm in order to search for my brother, Cyan had promised me we’d go looking for him together after I’d explained in as much detail as I’d been willing to give about my past and my strong bond with him. The trips took us into the different surrounding realms and even the human world, we were never truly gone long and always returned disappointed….until one trip ended rather badly, I’d been attacked and left for dead, only a blood transfusion from a kind stranger saved me…saved me and changed me, see my savior was a demon, a very old demon and his blood genetically altered me, now on top of being a storm witch and a creature of darkness I’m also part demon. I’m stronger, faster and have heightened senses, all in exchange for needing to drink blood sometimes and being unable to eat proper food, unless you count cookies and other baked goods, things laden with sugar basically.

On our way back to the Manor one night we were attacked, the woman was crazy, a psychopath if ever I’d seen one and though I’d tried to fight her off even with my demonic blood traits I just wasn’t strong enough, she killed me, but my uncle worked some serious dark magic to bring me back, by exchanging my life with my best friends. With a few side effects he hadn’t foreseen, like my gaining Cyan’s ability to control and mold Ice, also, a small amount of blood from my attacker had somehow been bound to me, I now can’t die…or I can but never for longer than 24 hours before I just…come back, regenerate is the technical term, it’s also effected my rate of healing dramatically too, so there’s a plus. It was upon awakening that my alter ego, my Medium, Isys awoke and with her that darker essence I’d always known was lurking. On another note though…the spell actually wiped my memories, I’d spent the next few months trying in vain to piece them back together while questioning everything I did manage to recall. I’d later learn the woman’s name was Nikani.

Which leaves only one more major event in my life, upset with everyone I cared for dying in some way or another in order to protect me I vowed to become stronger, I could no longer be that weak timid little girl everyone had to shelter and protect, the one who’d been so terrified of her own father. So I sought out the best assassin in the field that I knew of and began training to be an assassin myself under him. I took to it surprisingly well considering I was only sixteen at the time, becoming one of the most deadly killers the world had ever known, one quirk though, I don’t kill for money, that’s not to say I don’t make money doing it. I kill to protect, to keep those I love safe from evil, from any who’d do them harm, that is my calling. I’d only been in training a few months, I mentioned I was a quick study right? When my mentor had sent my on an assignment to Earth, where I was to track capture or kill a group of rogue Blood Mages (He’d called them Magicians) I’d finally caught up to them in Greece, during a time of day that had the streets pretty much deserted. They’d apparently chosen to harrass a young girl, one I’d later find out was Nikki, my brother’s girl, I saved her from the trio, using all the skills I’d been taught and was actually invited home with her, not weird at all right? Anyway, that was how I found my brother again, ironic since by then I’d honestly stopped looking, hadn’t even remembered having a brother, but everything happens for a reason.

I remember waking one morning to find my entire family had taken off in the middle of the night and left me behind, to start with I was confused, hurt and feeling just a little bit abandoned. I threw myself back into my work with renewed vigor, traveling to different places in order to hunt and take down targets, one such place was Hellifyno, it was here I found my new start. I met my now ex-husband Xander and it was here that Michael and family found me having decided to follow me, I’ve been though some ups and downs since coming here, as I mentioned I was married, but alas it was not meant to be, he turned into someone I grew to hate and distrust, divorce was the only option. I reunited with an old love after my marriage fell apart but he died, he’s free from all the torment he went through at last. I found a love so strong it shook me to my core in the most unlikely of places but fate is a cruel mistress and he left me…I honestly now wonder if love and happiness are ever going to be a part of my life.

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