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OOC: Raelin Wolvarian Aero Becomes RolePages Fashion Designer

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Our community is proud to welcome Raelin Wolvarian Aero as our newest RL RolePages fashion designer, and contributing member to the apparel found in the RolePages store. Rae’s creativity has already sparked off a number of clever new designs, inspired by the stories told by all of us across the site. 

All of Rae’s designs can be found in the RolePages custom apparel store at

Here we see a Men’s AA T-Shirt inspired by the perils of the Three Wars fought on, and yet, still tinged with a wry humor about the real life world.

For those seeking the most authentic Hellifyno Military experience possible, Rae has designed this clever Cadet’s Cap, to help you truly feel like you are being born down upon by hordes of ravening Demons and Fae.


Whether you’ve been a Wyrmspawn, given birth to a Wyrmspawn, or are simply friends with someone who has, this shirt is the perfect way to show your pride in the ways of the Chaos Wyrm.


One of the great themes of the RolePages game is survival because, well, its really hard to survive on Hellifyno. Capture that spirit of dogged determination with this stylish baseball cap.

Have you ever felt envious of the enslaved servant imps from Hell that tirelessly toil, waiting tables in the Tavern without any thought towards tip? Well now you can don the official uniform and start waiting tables yourself, with the Blue Moon Tavern “Staff” T-Shirt.

Rae has requested that anyone looking for a custom T-Shirt design should contact her directly, so that she can help you build something customized to your character or situation.


We are thrilled with the efforts Rae has made so far, and are excited to see where her creativity takes her in the days to come.

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  1. Claire Chantel 10 years ago

    Congratz rae

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