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.:OOC:. Reasons for my absence recently.

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*big sigh* Welp, i’ve been missing quite a lot. I apologize… Though, that is more of a me thing with the apology. More recently, my family has lost a few people, and two of which I was seriously close to.. So, I haven’t been in the right mindset for pages. As of which, i’ve been taking a break from.. Everything.

Im going to hope that this week I become more active, but with school coming in 3 weeks, and me being on that senior year of high school, i’m going to be busy as a mother fucker.

So with this, i’m gonna go.. It’s late at the time this is being posted.. Like, late late. I’m going to post this as a Vietnow forum as well, that way people will know why I might disappear and not just go, “OH YEAH, SHE FUCKING QUIT PAGES!”

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