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OOC ; Something I need to get off my chest.

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I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be on the site. I’ve run out of ideas completely, and I no longer have that drive to write like I did a year and a half ago, when I joined.

To add on top of this, the amount of people who suddenly dropped over some stupid dumb ass drama between multiple users. It bugs me, because I honestly considered some of those people to be like an extended family, and I haven’t even brought myself to so as much as say what I look like to them.

I love this site and I’d hate to leave what I’ve done so far behind with so many unanswered questions, but if I lack the motivation to write anything in the slightest then what’s the point?

I’m going to stay for now, obviously. But if this gets any worse I don’t think it’ll be good for my mental health to keep stressing over this. 

I also acknowledge the toxicity of certain members of the site of which I won’t name. I am also somewhat aware of the drama that goes on here. I am also aware of the fact that it’s a combination of these two things that results in members leaving. It makes me worry about this site, and only continues to pack in more and more negativity into this site. It’s part of the reason I’m not on as often as usual.

I’m going to leave this here, as if I keep going I’m likely gonna outright go after everyone on the site.


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    1. Dragon Teers 1 year ago

      Trump 2020!!!

    2. Karen Darkshade 1 year ago

      *plays a violin* Rolepages has been here for a long time and it will continue to be here with or without you.

    3. Cú Chulainn 1 year ago

      Zoey, seriously, people have always rage quit the pages. What would be really helpful is if they didn’t do it with such drama, rather just quietly not use the site for a while, because invariably, they come back. I’ve been busy with IRL and yes returning, it was great to see familiar faces such as your own, and see some fabulous new players working magic. If people leave, that is their choice, and I really wish they wouldn’t drag others into their drama but invariably on a site full of frustrated actors, writers and directors- its bound to happen. A fact of life perhaps and not something to be afraid of or get upset over. You are a great writer, you produce great stories- my advice, avoid OOC, let the princesses have their spats and keep doing what you do best. I for one hope you stay. 🙂

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