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OOC: The RolePages Site Transfer

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The time has come to begin the process of transferring RolePages over to use new software. In this post I will try to lay out everything that is going to happen in detail, and be as clear and open about the process as possible. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments.


Summary: RolePages is going to be transferred over to new software that has a variety of benefits. A demo of this software can be viewed on

. The process will be started on Monday, 8/1, however it will take between one and six weeks, and until it is complete nobody will notice any difference on RolePages.


The first thing I will be doing is running a backup of all of the site’s content. This will take approximately 24 hours, and the data files will be stored on several different hard drives.


I will then initiate the process of transferring that content to the new software. This is the part that will take between 1 – 6 weeks. I also do not know if it will be successful, as I have never tried to transfer a site like RolePages that has millions of pages of content.


If the transfer succeeds the following things will be carried over to the new site:

– Profile name, picture, and questions.

– Profile comments.

– Blog posts.

– Worlds.


Things that will not transfer:

– Pictures.

– Videos.

– Music.

– Css customizations.

– Text box copy.


If the transfer is successful, a version of the original RolePages will still be available at for two months so that you can check the accuracy of everything on the new site software.


If the transfer is unsuccessful, the site will still change to the new software, but we will have to move the content over by hand. In that scenario the original site and content will be available at for a minimum of six months after the move, to give everyone time to move over everything that they would like to preserve.



When the transfer happens an email will be sent to every single address associated with an account on RolePages with instructions on how to reset your password for the new software.


What if I do not have access to my email? Contact me at Role[email protected] or send a chat message to Narrator, or Dragon Teers and I will help you reset your email and password.


Things To Do

If you have pictures, videos, or music that you want to save make sure that you back them up as soon as possible. I am going to do everything possible to ensure that the written content on RolePages is preserved and transferred, but it is also generally a good idea to back that up to your own personal computer.

I’ll continue to post updates here and on Facebook, and let everyone know where we are in this process. Thank you very much for your continued support, and I’m excited to see what we can do with our new updated website.

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  1. Meadow the Black Rose 4 years ago

    Thanks guys! I’m already on there just not had time to have a proper mess around with the site. Mainly it’s the colouring of text and adding images to profile information and making it all nice and pretty … ish lol.

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