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{OOC} Welp, this is quite the predicament..

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The usual writer for this account, in a sense, broke her fucking left hand and now can’t type worth a shit. So who am I, you may ask? Just your friendly neighborhood Desmondy Folesy. I will be writing a few blogs for her (She’ll be stalking my screen as I type making sure I get everything right… Fucking perfection- NO NO DON’T HIT ME!)


Like I was saying, I will be writing her blogs for her. That, and I will be interacting in the chat rooms (If I feel like it..) For her as well. Don’t worry, I know the characters just as much as Zoey does, as we’ve planned for an incident like this. She has passed on everything she’s got going for her characters to me, and as a result, I can now effectively take her place- *Wha-Pop!* OW! I mean… I can effectively write for her!



She was actually hitting me. I am being enslaved and forced to do this. Help.

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