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OOCLY POST: Wedding Troubles

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I’m having a bit of wedding troubles, folks and while my friends are trying to help out as much as they can… I’d like to ask for well wishes, positive thoughts, and/or prayers from you all.


We are having problems with getting the last bit of money together along with people not having RSVP-ed and a few other small malfunctions and the wedding is only about 3 weeks away.


So, as you can imagine I am flipping out but I’m trying not to let anyone really see it. Anything in the way of support by the above would be awesome, people. Lots of hugs to you and thanks in advance.



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  1. Akuma Sabuku 9 years ago

    (ok now I feel like mine wasn’t good enough ^^’)

  2. Author

    Thank you so much Gazelle for the support and you too Laryka. Gazelle, I’m thankful to you for the idea of brainstroming and the like but I think that now I just need good thought and wishes my way along with a lot of prayer to see it come together.

    We are trying to keep it as simple as possible, Laryka, thought I thank you for backing me up on the fact that simple is best. Some people keep trying to get us to overdo things.

    Thank you to all my wonderful friends here. *hugs a plenty*

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