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Open to him.

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Lips press against the side of her head. She doesn’t even realize it until she looks up at him. His smile bright and eyes shining at her. She can’t help but just stare at him for a moment. She’s still not used to the treatment like this. As if she’s more than just a pawn. Like she’s a person.

Aodh stares down at her with green eyes, bright as can be. Her lips twitch into a smile for a second. He’s been her first, best, and the only friend for almost a couple of years. She hasn’t been able to get rid of him and doesn’t want too really. Not anymore. He’s kept her sane and from rolling off of the path she wants to be on. She’s thankful for that.

She moves to pull him into the seat next to her but- she flinches and groans and holds her side. He instantly shoots a hand out to catch her. He gives her a worried look and she can’t meet his eyes.

He won’t approve.

“S’nothin,” she says as he lowers her down into her seat again.

“Not nothin, Nev.” He clenches his jaw as he takes a seat.

They sit in silence for awhile.

She fights for her father now. The Grizzly Guard, as most call it. Training is harsh. She isn’s allowed to heal herself, so she suffers from her injuries. Despite being allowed to heal the others. Her father is paranoid and thinks she’d try to heal herself and go against his word so she trains harder with injuries. When she can’t fight, he’ll let her heal. She doesn’t get hurt too easily. She can take it. It’s no big deal.

She had to spar, so her ribs are bruised.

She sighs.

Of course.

Aodh thinks her father is too harsh. He’s made the perfect bulk fighters and endurable ones. How could he be doing something wrong? She thinks Aodh is just protectively of her. They’re like siblings, so she can understand that. It makes her smile.

e. He cares as much as she does, so it’s mutual.

“Can I see?” She turns to him, “yer injuries?”

She takes a moment before she nods and lifts her shirt up. Nothing on the surface. Nothing at all. As he presses his hand into her side? She moves from his touch and hisses as a reaction. He sits back down, removing his hands before looking at her face like he could have hurt her. Once he realizes he hasn’t he frowns again.


“You need rest,” he mutters in a low voice. He won’t fight her on it. She knows it.

“I do every night-“


“I’m…I’ll see if I can.” It’s all she CAN do anymore.

SEE if he can get some time to heal.

“Thank you…” he smiles weakly.

Probably not.

“Is breá liom tú dheartháir,” she tells him. He smiles lightly.

“I love you too, sister.” He opens a book, holds his chin in a hand and continues reading.

She thinks, it’s much like her. Open to him. She looks over and it’s medical. Of course. She smiles and bumps his shoulder. He rolls his eyes.

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  1. Alton Flamebringer 6 years ago

    “Um……hello Great Red. Its a pleasure to meet you.” Alton bowed slightly while still in human form. Realizing he wasn’t very presentable Alton quickly changed himself back to his dragon form, continuing to bow respectfully. Cendon picked up on the vibe and bowed as well.

    “What do we say?!” Cendon whisper yelled. He was trying to be polite, but Great Red seemed to hear what was being said and leaned forward. Lightning bolts of fear arced through Cendon’s mind. The golden dragon was scared of what might happen because he had spoken out of turn.

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