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Operation Bone {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 5:Part 4

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As Part 1 Of Operation Phekern ends, Jadia Bay picks up a side operation due to all the things that have happened due to The Terrorism Of Faltering Bright

Jadia Bay would annouce Operation Bone during the Victory Party in Soulhelm

“As many of you may or may not know, Patragoldble formerly Chirstina Harbour was not able to assist with the Battle Of Annegrand” Illy would say, standing on a podium

“Our Claim on the colony in the Northern Cap, will be removed shortly as we are beginning Operation Bone” Illy said

“For our Ally, Patragoldble was gonna use that Colony should anything go wrong on Hellifyno however we were doing a new plan which involves going outside of our solar system” Illy said

“Our Plan is to find a ice world that was a fully water world for Patragoldble, If they need’s going to have goldlock conditions and this Solar System we will also be looking two more planets for Eos-Gaian and Nevasense Valley in that same solar enjoy the party!” Illy said

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