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Operation Ice {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 3:Part 2

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The Morning went on, As Illy shared a serious/joking coversation with Clayton before the sirens begin to beam

“What the hell, Clayton stay put unless the sirens change there sound” Illy said, running out the door trying to contact Jada

As Jada would appear in Hologram form before her “The Damm New Allies have planted a fire bomb in Rayville” Jada said

“Jada sound the evacuation alarms in Rayville now!” Illy said as she pulled out her sword, starting to take down mercenaries with flamethrowers with tears in her eyes trying to save the people who are still alive

The Alarms In Merchant Gulf don’t change yet Rayville and Aurorahaven’s alarm begin to switch to an evacuation one

“Dammit!” Illy would say under her breath as she began to help everyone evacuate into Soulhelm so they could hold an announcement


“I’ll get onto what were going to be about Rayvilles in a moment, So with the Treaty Of Aurorahaven..this implies that Soulhelm may be used as a stronghold by the order that Anakin Solo and His Father runs aswell as by the Empire Of Theresa..when the day comes that we are attacked the Soulhelm Pact’s members will be uniting there armies to defend Jadia Bay…” Jada would say as the new flag would be setup and rose to the sky


“Rayville no longer be a town of Jadia Bay, Merchant’s Gulf will be Eastern.. Aurorahaven will be in the middle and Soulhelm will be Western however to the south will be the new housing area as well as the new shipyard! In Flower Claw which was orginally Created by my Grandmother Issy” Illy paused

“Operation Valley has finished since Clayton revealed to me that he found the ship I was looking for, we now have the Valley in our assets so a big thank you to Mr Wade” Illy would say as she looked at her citizens

“With that being said, I’m gonna be launching Operation Ice so that we all this mess can be sorted good day to everyone” Illy would say, walking off stage


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