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Operation Thornboro {The Other Piece Arc} Chapter 7:Part 4

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Illy would have a podium set up in her living room and a camera would click on “Hello my people, today I would like to annouce a new mini operation called Thornboro” 

A plan of what Illy was going to do, you could see the long dead roots of the island and how it was destroyed by it’s failed architecture

Which was the before and then a white holographic after operation appeared beside it, the long dead roots growing to ancient looking tree, the whole country remodeled to look like a Witch and Wizard City, Rayville becoming Thornboro

Each Of The Towns would be remodeled to fit new things such as the history our land holds, it shall be orientated around Witchcraft

Each town will be listed below about what there new purpose is, all towns expect Merchants Gulf will not be housing

Merchants Gulf (EST. 19XX):

Merchants Gulf will be a massive docking area, with all of fleets stationed here when not being used, it will also be a trading market area as well as where the schools lie

Flower Claw (EST. 20XX-EARLY):

Flower Claw is being recreated to be a area for businesses, churches and honor/civilian graveyards

It will still be housing however through mostly witch towers that work as apartments

Aurorahaven (EST. 20XX-LATE)

Aurorahaven is a town for it’s colleges the town is being remodeled to have more needs trading stands and an improved look of the place

Soulhelm (EST. 20XX)

Soulhelm, while still being the newest addition before this operation will now be made into the stronghold for the Soulhelm Pact and the new capital of Jadia Bay

All the houses for the ruling senate will be moved here, as while as a massive dock for this town

Thornboro (EST. 21XX)

As there are not direct plans for this new place it is going to be a area where events happen, hopefully weddings as it is rebuilding the town up to a new set glory for the recreated Rayville

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