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Orbs! [Gore Warning]

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[The following occurred after the mysterious blue orbs had appeared on Hellifyno. As soon as they came they disappeared yet…it was not without consequences.]

Weirder things have happened in Paracosm. Even within the space of the last 24 hours. The orbs are ignored, but should their intent or the intent of whoever sent them prove hostile…well, that would be a sign of stupidity rather than a sign of evil. The Head Maid was sure to note their presence nonetheless, many of the lesser maids investigating. Whoever placed these here would at the very least have to deal with some bureaucracy, if not the collective wrath of a multinational alliance.

The situation seems to have simultaneously gotten better…and much worse. Sure the orbs are gone which means the maids could finally calculate how much the owner of the orbs now owed in parking tickets but the damn things blue up and sent bits everywhere! It would’ve been bad enough is it was just a mess to clean up but something else entirely happened.

Small things like spores had appeared and seemed to infiltrate living things. The maids in the immediate vicinity would be bombarded. While there was no pain or even a semblance of touch, something in the Fwufs’ collective brains turned to pure survival instinct. Something about this was…WRONG! Those orbs had released something and although it was not immediately obvious, the maids exposed began to feel… Dirty, impure…

Even though their immune system could likely snuff out any corruption after the Head Maid had eaten the eyes of a corrupt god, the maids knew something was hiding in them, hiding behind the pale deathly flesh. Instinct took over and the maids tried to claw the corrupting vessels out of their bodies. Some merely scraped some skin or itched themselves raw, sure that they’d scraped out any ick and resisted…whatever it was.

Many others however had much more grave evidence of their calamity. Deep claw marks spilled black, sludge-like blood from their slashed muscles and veins, others biting into their limbs frantically, even prying the bones of their forearm apart to search for the corrupting energy. Still they found nothing. Most stopped at simply harming themselves, leaving their posts as nervous wrecks as they hoped they’d gotten whatever ick had been caught. Others were not convinced. Some of the maids destroyed themselves in their efforts to maintain their purity, either through complete mutilation or spontaneous detonation.

The maid swarm overall seemed to have been spared the brunt of this corrupting onslaught but with the damage that HAD been done… Put who or whatever had left those orbs at the very top of the Head Maid’s shit list. It would not be war, no. They had promised their Mistress to maintain peace. But the Head Fwuf had a feeling that this corruption would soon reveal itself. And when it did…they would clean the mess it had left.


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