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Origin of the Huon Clan

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Long ago, the god Sol decided to travel Tenrai. While doing this, he assumed the form of an elderly man so that others would not know who he was. He was already injured, having fought with his brother Arma. However, he stumbled upon a traveling circus. While he watched, he witnessed a Yuki male with tanned skin and black hair. This man was an acrobat and fire dancer. 

Sol was mesmerized by the man’s movements and skill. He attended the circus as often as he dared. But, his health began to worsen during the few days. The Yuki, named Zenith, saw this and offered his help.

Zenith was known for kindness by all those that had met him. He had no way of knowing who this elderly man was, but he felt the desire to help him. He took the man in, doing everything he could to heal him and get him healthy again. Alas, it was far too late for Sol. No matter what Zenith tried, the man only worsened.

As he was close to his death, Sol revealed to Zenith who he was. Zenith immediately dropped to a knee, expressing his regret that he could not save the god’s life. Sol, also known for his kind heart, simply smiled. “You,” he said. “You have been kind to me even before you knew who I was. I offer to you the opportunity to take up my mantle as the Sun God now. You have shown that you deserve it.”

Zenith accepted, making Sol’s last moment as comfortable as he could. Upon the death of Sol, two women were created. One was Ignira the other named Harmonia. These were fragments of the original Sol. Ignira was almost a monster. She had deep red skin, orange and yellow tattos covering her skin. Her hair was orange, her eyes red, and her teeth sharp and pointed. She represented the destructive force of the sun.

Harmonia, however, was pale and golden haired with sky blue eyes. An aura of light surrounded her. She was the warmth and life that the sun provided. Zenith could see that Ignira was dangerous, so he set about to seal her away. Harmonia, however, he knew needed to be protected. She was a strong healer, but she could not fight for herself. 

He kept her in his family for as long as he could, until his descendant Zhou fell in love with her. Zenith gave his blessing for their union, knowing that Zhou was capable of protecting her. This is how Zara and Zaire came about.


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