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Lastly updated on 5/12/2019.

Note: I’m not new on this site. I forgotten all about this page because I was unable to log into this account due to forgetting the login info was but either way we are back and editing the blogs as well.If any one has a problem with the amount of people that are presented on this page then take it up with the site owner and don’t harass me about removing any one of my characters as I refuse to tone it down or dial back on my characters as I have the right to have them here on this site like everyone else does with their characters so don’t try and make me down size on my characters it’ll not sit too well with me that’s like telling me what to do and I don’t like that as I said before if you got a problem with that don’t bother wasting your time messaging me about it as I don’t want to hear about your complaints or rants about my characters being a issue on the site here as they have a right to be much as anyone else’s characters do and the same thing goes for my main page. This is just my back up page so if you all got a problem with my main page having to many characters or thought the main page was over crowded well that’s just your opinion I don’t think my main page or this back up page of mine, aren’t crowded in any form, shape or way that I know of. Don’t make a big deal or a fuss over the amounts of characters that I add to either one of my pages so please be respectful of my characters mostly of all my decisions and if you disagree with whatever my decisions are regarding both of my pages on this site then feel free to contact the site owner and don’t message me about it I’ll not want to hear about your stupid little complaints and rants and etc I’m not here for that.

1. You add. You comment.

2. If you’re unable to send the starter,

let me know and we will figure something out.

3. Starters should be at least 2 lines or more.

No more than 5 lines for a starter.

4. I’m not on 24/7 as I do have a very busy life

outside of this site.

5. I can’t stand drama. Please leave the drama at home.

Breaking this rule results in an automatic delete.

6. Do not control me or my characters.

7. Don’t mind Cussing and Swearing, but Do Not Mock God.

If you do not want us to Cuss or Swear, let me know so we are aware.

8. There are plenty of people on my page for you to talk to.

If someone is talking or crushing, please don’t flirt with them.

9. There is no limit to how many people you can talk to.

10. Tell us who you would like to talk to. We don’t read minds.

11. If you don’t speak to your mates withing a month or two,

they will go single.

12. If you are going to be gone for a period of time, tell us so your mates don’t go single.

13. If you cheat on your mate, you will lose them.

No Exceptions.

14. We do get X-Rated.

We do not save any of our X-Rated Comments. So please do not approve them.

15. Mates usually get their comments answered first, then whoever is online or wants a comment from us.

16. Lastly, Have Fun!

If you have reade the rules comment your favorite tv show, movie, actress, actor, or favorite singer, favorite band, favorite song, .


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