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(Out of Character) Details involved with Consequence, Hellifyno

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( This is an out of character blog post explaining questions or confusion concerning the general area of Consequence. )


The Castle, the Rock, of Consequence:

This architectural dream is built into the side of a mountain, the castle appears to only be able to house perhaps thirty or so stories though the interior is magically recreated to include well over fifty stories. The outside of the castle is a gleaming, white stone that whirs with technologies seen on only the vast reaches of space, imbuing the building with teleportation chambers and highly advanced tools for both war and healing. The interior is also brushed a sterile white, with creatures skittering around it serving the Weaver with the utmost importance. Spider drones are constantly repairing and rebuilding in order to maintain perfection.

Demonic, Wyrm-tainted or chaotic creatures are at their weakest when they are near the castle, the strongest feeling sick in terrific waves while the weakest are barred from even entering this strong-hold. This is where the diplomats and government officials work amongst the spiders for the great cause.


The Barracks and living chambers for citizens (NPCs and Characters alike may seek shelter in these places) :


Though in the beginning all survivors were limited to living within the castle, as any survivors are found and saved, even the castle space has been growing limited. The Weaver has created buildings spread between the castle and the Wall in order to house the growing demand for space. The houses are growing upwards instead of outwards in order to keep from crowding the limited area, even with magic to make the buildings larger on the inside, only six or seven floors occupy the three to four story buildings. They are all very limited, useful and functional instead of comfortable though there are beds aplenty. These buildings are also equipped with communal showers and toilets as well as spiders that fix any damage done to them.

The barracks are two levels only, bunks stacked against the walls in these large buildings. Weapons are concealed sleekly against the walls near ever bunk, yet space for the soldiers is as cramped as to be expected during a time of war. Storage houses and small shops are scattered around the compound, with spiders disappearing and reappearing from the Umbra to fix, correct and transport anything between the buildings, even people. Railspiders – large vehicles used to transport people, supplies and drones throughout the universe – pop in and out of view against the side of the castle.


The Wall :


The wall, which was originally only ten feet high, has been torn down and recreated in order to increase proficiency. It extends around in an exact circle one mile in every direction of the castle, looming at thirty feet and gleaming with white stone. Every twenty seven yards along the wall is a tower that pierces upwards another ten feet and armed with large cannons filled with calcifying energy. The wall, being ten feet thick, has slits between every tower so that small weapons can be fit between and aimed outwards at enemies, creating small rooms where warriors can hide and attack from. Great glass scorpions and creatures looking similar to hermit crabs with many legs crawl along the wall to restore and protect the populace lurking behind.


The Weaver’s Web :


An invisible, fine webbing surrounds the area around the Castle in every direction for a two mile radius. This webbing is strongest closer to the castle and weakens as it goes further. This is what makes demons and Wyrm-bringers sickened and weak as they draw near. The area outside of the wall to the edge of the webbing is filled with traps designed to spring dozens of demons off of the ground or calcify them without a moment’s notice.






If any have questions/comments or concerns about anything addressed here, please feel free to comment below or send a personal message.

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