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Outpost ‘Lucifer’. Miranda – 1st moon of 7th planet: Uranus

Standing on Miranda
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Captain Kishimoto sat behind the pilots seat onboard the Gabe-I-El, both hands on the wheel with terminals on either side. Those golden eyes fixated out the window to the inky nothingness of the neither /here/ nor /there/ of Slipspace, while EIRA sat in the co-pilots chair behind her dedicating her processing power to manage the ship to its out most efficiency.

[STARS 1-9 has loaded in either tube ma’am. Ready to fire on your command.] “Fire Cortana.” And with a deep resonating ‘thump’ throughout the ship, 9 identical baseball sized satellites where ejected from the ship, separating in SlipSpace and flying on course to exit around every planet to commence on a deep scan for her records. “Now that’s done, how close are we to our designation?” [4 minutes, 32 seconds and counting] A timer appeared on the front screen.

Soon enough a small event horizon opened up a few thousand kilometers away from the 7th planet in the Solar System. [Ma’am, there’s an error. The STARS showed up 2 minutes ago and its sensors aren’t able to pierce through the planets atmosphere. I’m having similar trouble with the Gabe’s sensors as well.] Kurai nodded in response, looking at the planet, a quarter sized orb in the glass in front of her. “Yes, I remember this on the tour. That would be an excellent location for me to place a ground base operation one day, assuming I can find situtable spot. For now, task this STARS towards the planets moons.”

Kurai tapped a button on her armrest and a small department full of joints opened up. She pulled one out and lit it with her trusty zippo, smoking on her crystal tree weed gingerly as she disengaged herself and left control to her two A.I’s “Put us in Geosyn…” That’s when Cortana cut her off. [Anomaly detected.] And she put up on screen the picture of a drifting monkey in a space suit. [Sensors detect active life support systems. It might still be alive.]

She blinked in surprise, then sighed as she said. “Alright. Eira, take one of the Kodiak’s and go recover him. If he is sentient see if he wants to come on board, I guess we can bring him where ever he came from. Cortana, geosynchronous orbit with the planets first moon Miranda. Scanners are picking up a presence of a rare alloy and I know how much Lucian likes to keep his base away from people; so a moon works best.” [Aye Ma’am] ‘Aye Ma’am’ they both responded at the same time.

As the Gabe flew through the void towards Miranda, the Hanger opened up and a four person dropship fell out. Doors closed and Eira the Android was on the way to pick up the monkey adrift in space.

Kurai got ready with her space suit and readied the seal. She put on a large, what looked to be metal case on her back and secured it in place right before she headed into the Kodiak drop ship. “Cortana. Secure the Gabe while I’m away. Prepare the FOB package and raise the Kishimoto colonization initiative on Hellifyno, code 1.” With that she settled behind the pilots seat in the shuttle and drove it out the hanger.

The Kishimoto Pathfinder was all smiles as she drove through the emptiness of space a few hundred kilometers onto the surface of the moon. “Not many times I can do this…” She said to herself within her helmet as she felt a soft ‘thump’ of the ship landing on Miranda. She got up and grabbed the flag that she had stashed in the ship, then in .0079 G she floated over to the door and hit the release.

The moon’s surface was amazing spectacle to behold, with its brilliant whiteness reflecting the sun’s rays even this far out. It was also uneven, from centuries of colliding with other celestial bodies; but that’s also likely the reason why she was detecting so much of this rare element that she needed to see what it could do.

For now she tethered herself with a 300m cable to the dropship, then took a practiced step onto the surface of the moon; flag in hand. She landed about 20m away and took a second to look at Uranus in all its majesty, then looked down and raised her left hand to access her omni-tool. Remote scans from the Gabe showed that she wasn’t too far off from an underground cavern.

So she planted the flag and unrolled it, and it was a chibi picture of her giving the peace sign. With a chuckle, she took off the device from her shoulders and placed it upon the surface of the moon. Taking a knee, she placed her gloved hand against its surface and pulsed a electronic confirmation as the box started to unfold. It opened up and an antenna grew out of it. It made a series of clicks and a whirl, though in the vacuum of space there was no way for her to know if she didn’t test it before hand; then it generated a small Mass Effect effect field to simulate an earth normal gravity for a dozen meters on either side.

“Kurai to Gabe-I-El, relay me to Kishimoto Incorporated on a priority channel.” She stated as the beacon was lit, and her two feet were firmly planted against the surface as she looked up at her brilliant ship hanging above her.

|This is Kishimoto central receiving. We hear you loud and clear Gabe-I-El| “Central this is Captain Kurai reporting. I have touched down on the first moon of the 7th planet, Miranda. I’ve marked this location for our first outpost ‘Lucifer’. Cortana, send over the scans via quantum entanglement. Begin settlement processes.”

While she waited for robots and other people to show up with construction and terraforming equipment, she put her two hands behind her back and faced the sun; her lens automatically polarizing to protect her eyes. This feeling of discovering the unknown, the desire of wanderlust; and her appetite for knowledge all reminded her that there were many more times like this in the future.


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