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Philonias knew not where he was or what had happened. One moment he was alone in the jungles of Galesh, the next? He felt the cold sensation of polished stone beneath his hands. He was on his stomach? He sat up, immediately his ears were beset by the loudest of noises. Or rather, the collaboration of several loud noises. These werent natural sounds. They reminded him of the sounds the Dwarven Cog’s made deep within their mountain fortresses. From a quick glance it was easy to tell that he was ontop of some high tower outside, surrounded by lights that seemed… off to him. They did not flicker and glow with the warmth of fire. Instead they seemed cold… hollow almost. As if it werent real.

Carefully he crawled to the edge of the tower, trying to get a better view of his surroundings. What was this? A river of lights that flowed beneath him? The Krieg did not understand what was happening. Where was he? He looked towards the sky and it seemed almost devoid of stars. Where had they gone? Those precious little specks in the darkness! Where had they been stolen too? The sights, the sounds, that horrid smell! They over loaded his senses and in his confusion all he could do was roar out into the night. Someone had taken him from his home. Clearly he had been thrown into a world that he could not understand. He needed answers and he needed them now. Gathering up his resolve, the Krieg lept from the building and scaled his way down. He would get his answers in this strange new land and the beings responsible would pay dearly for what they had done.

It took only a few hours of scouting to locate several places of interest. The most promising seemed to be a tavern of some sort. After stalking the outer area for a while, Philonias recognized several styles of clothing that were familiar to him. Others seemed rather strange to the out-worlder. More reconnaissance would be needed to determine if these individuals were friendly or not. Without weapons, he was at a disadvantage. Though he retained his armor and War-mask, those would do little if he needed to go on the offensive. For now, he would watch. Waiting for the right time to make his presence known to the inhabitants of this world. For when he knew it was safe.

  1. Pepper lifted her head as tony got up out of his seat suddenly. She smiled at him as she found this really sweet. The new last name added to her own name sent a good shiver down her spine that caused her to smile even more at Tony.

    “I love you more, Anthony Edward Stark.” She said softly as she cuddled him lovingly, not wanting this moment to end. “I can’t wait to make it official with you.” Pepper can’t help but keep smiling over the thought of being a Mrs. Stark now. And to know that Tony will be happy just like she is.

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