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Palpatine – Target Locked

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Thousands of Force Sensitives – Will Never Equal – ME.

Thousands of Force Sensitives – Are Low Level – Compared – To ME.

There Are Galaxies, Beyond Universes – That Will Never Rise / Nor / Be Equal – To ME.

Midichlorian Count – God/Level.

Force Powers/Teachings – God/Level.

You – PALPATINE / Are My Target.


The Only Pieces Aligning Perfectly – Are The Traps That I Already Set UP – For You.




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    1. Palpatine 3 years ago

      ~Hands folded~

      “How easy to make him react.”

    2. What makes it even better is that he’s not alone. Never alone. He’s got me. And I assure you – I’m just as strong as he is.

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