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Paracosm: Basic Information/Rules

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[Provided here for easier public accessibility]


Basic Information


Paracosm: An island in the southern seas of Hellifyno created by Magicia by crystallizing the sea salt. Its climate is reflective of its antarctic setting, and the strange crystalline wildlife there have evolved to adapt to the harsh polar environment. The kingdom in the center of the island is climate controlled all year round through the queen’s magic.

Leadership: Queen Magicia rules over the isle she created. All major decisions are made through her. She has a small council of advisors (though she hardly listens to them). There is also major influence on the island from the Valencia family of primordials, particularly Mearo Valencia, Magicia’s adopted father. Another major influence is Helvegen, Paracosm’s Guardian Tutelary Deity. There is speculation by many that since he and the queen are in a romantic relationship, he may eventually also gain royal status. This has yet to be seen.

The Maids: The Fwufikins maid hive mind (the main product of Madooga Co., LLC.) is an infinite swarm of carnivorous maids. They are all influenced by the original Fwufikins, their ‘queen’ of sorts. These toothy servants are known for their loyalty to Magicia, their obsession with cleaning, an absolute loathing of anything they deem ‘lewd’, and a love for ham. They take care of most things on the island and are a perfect expendable force that is ready at a moment’s notice. (They are not very intelligent.)

Military/Defenses: Aside from the Fwufs, Paracosm is also protected by multitudes of forces provided by the Valencia family. These primordial creations serve as resilient foes to any who must face them, drawing on various emotional energies. [[Note to self: Get this info]]

Economy: The magic enhanced crystals that make up the island can be sold for a small profit, but the real income for Paracosm lies in two areas: The Purple Nova Casino, and Madooga Co., LLC. The casino is a large establishment including a resort. Customers from all over Hellifyno come to gamble, party, and relax. Madooga Co, which originated in Ar’Elis, mainly sells Fwuf Maids (and accessories!). They’ve been known to work on and/or distribute other products in the past, including biomechanical enhancements and even illegal drugs (a family favor, that’s all!).

Religion: While Helvegen is the established Tutelary Deity, there is no specific religion for the kingdom. Given Hellifyno’s multitudes of gods/goddesses, Magicia has declared it hypocritical to deny anyone their freedom of worship. As such, there is a great variety in religions practiced in Paracosm. Some of the more popular worships are to Helvegen, to Magicia (via the maids), and a mysterious cult that has taken up practice on the island.


Important People:

Magicia: Creator and Queen of Paracosm, adopted daughter of Mearo Valencia, Dreamwalker/Nightmare Dancer, former Malevolent Queen of Hellifyno, former Queen of Hellsgate, Champion of Hellifyno, CEO of Madooga Co., LLC

Fwufikins: The hive mind of eldritch horror carnivorous maids that serves Magicia. Main product of Madooga Co. LLC. Includes the Head Maid, Lesser Maids, Robomaids, Mini Maids, The Anti Lewd Sailor Maid Brigade, Black Fwuf Guard (BFG)

Helvegen: Wanderer Deity of Hellifyno, anointed Deity Tutelary of Paracosm, Magicia’s current boyfriend

Mearo Valencia: The Primordial of Fear, Magicia’s adopted father. Creator of the Black Knights and the Dark Tower in the center of the kingdom.


Location chat is strictly IC. It is not for OOC or unrelated multimedia posts. Please message Magicia for approval of multimedia before posting. OOC for event wrap ups is an exception. All unapproved/exception OOC or multimedia will be removed.
All use of Paracosm and Paracosm chat for events, story arcs, etc. must be approved of through Magicia in advance. Involving Paracosm without approval will result in a chat/location ban.
All questions in regards to Paracosm should be sent to Magicia. If she is unavailable, message Fwufikins and ask for them to contact Magicia.
Site rules are double enforced in the location. There will be zero tolerance for sexual harassment, hate speech, verbal abuse towards other players, etc. Violations will result in a ban and a report to site admins.
No bunnying or godmodding allowed. Bunnies and godmods will be DM tooled out of the chat. Multiple offenses will result in a ban.
In the (unlikely) case of a bot spamming of locations, Paracosm will be temporarily switched to ‘request membership’ status to prevent problems until the situation is resolved.

Please contact Magicia or Fwufikins about any questions, comments, concerns, reports, etc.  Missing information to be added in the future.


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