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Parish Tribes

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“Our Loss at ‘Amaka was a foolish move on the Pharohs’ part, we should’ve done something else” Mother Spore, Zi’anni said

“Our newest ally in the Union is the Parish Tribes of a tribe of many formed from the remains of the Bandit Camp, Emporium Remnant and People looking for work as Bounty Hunters and Assassin’s” Mother Spore, Zi’anni said with a smile on her face

“Under the leadership of the Glorious Chieftainess, Wendy O’Romeo who you people thought was dead and you left to get taken by the hold of her master’s cruel torturing and corruption” Zi’anni would laugh as her throne room was much more larger than “You were wrong to undersitmate us” Zi’anni said with a laugh

    1. Tyrion Asher-Dracul 3 months ago

      ” Underestimated you? What do you think my uncle Syavastienaos is going to do when he sees the Bandit’s that hunted his Daughter, my cousin. Actually, you should think about what I am going to do to those allies as I hunt them down. I will be the bringer of Despair to you and your allies. ” Tyrion says with a dark grin on his cursed Ash Fey lips.

    2. Author

      “You will do no such thing unless you want Lizzy Van Belle to die, lemme remind you that everyone who hunted his daughter is dead!” Zi’anni said as she was still in her throne “Brains over Brawn, the mind will always win over fists, how do you think we won at Soulhelm” Zi’anni laughed “You really need to take this war seriously”

    3. Tyrion Asher-Dracul 3 months ago

      Tyr exhales. ” So you are expecting us to just let your hunters or assassins kill or capture our loved ones?” Tyr says as his Ash-Grey eyes glare at Zi’anni.

    4. Author

      “Lizzy Van Belle in the eyes of Ice was a prisoner that needed to be retrieved, Ari Krite came into our territory and therefore was tresspassing, so him and The Tie Voyager are now in our custody”

    5. Tyrion Asher-Dracul 3 months ago

      Tyr eyes widen at the news about Ari. He exhales. ” You bastards. ” Tyr says with a growl. ” What would it take for you to release them? He asks.

    6. Author

      “Patch your Uncle in and we’ll see what happens” Zi’anni said calmly

    7. Naos appears. He had been told of the capture of Ari. A red glow was surrounding Naos. ” So you are taking prisoners. You know how I stand on who take people that are close to my family or from my family. ” Naos says glaring at Zi’Anni

    8. Author

      “You’ll have him back, I took the chance I had, I’m sending him back with the kids, don’t expect to get anything out of them though”

    9. ” I won’t. The children will go to their family that we have agreed upon. ” Naos says to Zi’anni and the red aura dies down.

    10. Author

      “Alright then, sending it back now, expect the Tie Voyager to crash into the ocean if you don’t catch it” Zi’anni said

    11. “Don’t worry I will catch it.” Naos says as he shifted into a massive winged humanoid. This was Ultima Chaos.

    12. Author

      “You might wanna stop recording yourself or I will learn the secrets of that form”

    13. Naos let off a chaotic laugh. ” Hmm and how could you learn the secrets of this form while you are there and I am here. Like if there was any, but good luck in trying to find any secrets.” Naos says smiling before disappearing to go save Ari and the children.

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