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Part II

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“Growing up an Atlantean on the surface has it’s advantages, but also it’s drawbacks.  Regardless of the circumstances, I’d never trade my childhood for anything…I don’t think I could go through that many years of my life not knowing what a cheeseburger was.”

Part II:
The Beginning

During her childhood, Jessi spent the first several years in Atlantis, swimming before she took her first breath, although she doesn’t remember any of it.  After two years, her parents relocated the family to the surface, where Jessi grew up doing everything she can to blend in with all the other friends her age, which worked until she was four and a half and her Atlantean powers began to kick in. 

During elementary school years, Jessi found herself enamored with surface world life, wanting everything from happy meals to sports, hockey being her first true love and longest lasting, her second being football.  Atlantean strength was the first power to kick in,not counting being able to activate her gills when in water. Having spent the first few years under the ocean’s weight so that on the surface world, density was so much lighter on her.  By the age of six she could lift a car, and often would to get her toys should they roll underneath one.

Her relationship with her half brother, Pat, was no different than most siblings.  The two hand their bonding moments, as well as their fights and arguments.  Unlike Jessi, Pat longed to go back to Atlantis, and often struggled to fit in as well as she did with surface world things. At first, Jessi thought that being an Atlantean was just something that made her only slightly different, like any other nationality kids could be.  When she started hearing the other kids of heroes her age make jokes about Atlanteans and their simple powers of  only talking to fish and swimming, she began to feel like she was the uncool kid, and so she stopped talking about her family, instead doing all she can to prove that she was strong and much more than a weak little Atlantean girl who only talked to fish.  Sometimes this meant getting into fights or taking on crazy dares that her friends would challenge her on.

While training her powers to become a Teen Titan and counting the days to her 12th birthday when she could become a “Tiny Titan”, Jessi also attended a type of Atlantean home schooling, where she learned spells, fighting styles, and history that all young Atlaneans would learn at her age.  Even though she was told that she would need to return when she turns 18 to complete her training, she still held on to surface world dreams of being the first female hockey player, owning a hockey team, and/or being a personal trainer for athletes someday.

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  1. Amelie Zagurian 7 years ago

    Don’t be so damn stubborn lmao

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