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Pebble Road, Chapter 1: Pear

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Entering the Persistence was rather astonishing in a way. A gate so big, that even Robert could fit through was always something to marvel at. The people passed them in daily rush even by the gate. However, like a llama between the sheep or something similar, the golem passed with no trouble, keeping the girl safe on his shoulder, as she awed, “Robert, look! They have those, um…” having spent her life in the woods did not exactly contribute to a great vocabulary. The giant looked where the girl was pointing, and that was enough to learn that hefty amounts of toys were displayed. The creature gave a light tap on her knee as a condolence, for plan was not to stop at this point. “Aww…” she hummed, and folded her hands, forgetting to hold on tight, for the walk with the giant was still somewhat wonky.

Nearing the center of the city, the creature turned it’s head to seek out the surroundings. Not much trouble was given from the people running in, since it was basically like running in a statue. The golem’s eyes were turning towards the less well managed part of the town as it was the road that led to docks. So with heavy steps it began moving. From the light rumble of the ground, of course there were eyes tossed at them. Angry women hiding their moths behind palms to exchange rumours, and young boys widening theirs smiles in awe. It wasn’t everyday even for Presistence to witness a giant with a girl dressed in sunflowers on it’s shoulder.

As much as Robert was well ignoring those eyes, Bonnabelle was having trouble not eyeing the smiling men and the giggling women. That turned the awe into slight shyness, as she clung onto the giants neck and squeezed closer to him. Grunting almost like a pup of an animal. “Come on, don’t be shy!” couple of people that were having day off shouted. It was a little too lively here. Hard to tell if they wanted to see more of a giant or the sensation was genuine coming from the inhabitants of the city of rogues.

Deciding to stop before they entered the shady part of the town, the giant eyed the people, and took the glance at his lady bug, thinking for a while. “Come here sweetie, a pear to cheer you up?” the giant looked at an old woman that was selling fruits and vegetables.

Bonnabelle grunted, as Robert urged the girl to get on his palm. After a slight session of pestering, the girl slowly and reluctantly climbed on the golem’s palm, as he lowered it towards the crowd of interested people. Hugging Robert’s thumb, she eyed all the eyes that looked at her, blushing red like a poppy in a sunny field. Seeing that the palm was coming closer, the old lady reached out with a pear, as celebration and woos filled the air, seeing the ancient being move. “Here, don’t be shy!” she smiled, as the kid almost like a feral beast, crawled and gently picked the item. Somewhat lost in thought, she was surprised, once Robert’s heavy finger pushed her back a little.

“Thank you!” she almost shouted from surprise.

“At least the small monkey knows some manners, right?” couple of posh noble ladies in the distance gossiped, but most of it was washed away with the young and light spirited teens, as well as well rounded elderly individuals. The couple was a treat for the city folk.

As the old woman nodded, the girl cleaned the pear with her sunflower dress, however, still flustered, she had little appetite. She looked at the folk, having little place to hide on Robert’s shoulder. Her eyes met many other. “Can you lift me?” a younger child shouted from the crowd.

Before Bonnabelle could say anything to protest against something like that, Robert reached out with a finger and thumb, and punched the shirt of the child, lifting him. “Let me down! It’s scary!”

Despite Robert obeying it immediately, a laughter came from a group of kids, that had dared the little one. As commotion came from that side, Robert began to walk slowly, followed by the crowd oddly enough. “So where are you two heading?” one of the young workers asked. Robert looked at the man and pointed at the girl, that he positioned on his shoulder.

“Miss, where are you two heading?” he asked again. Again, the question was fruitless as she buried her nose in giant’s cold, hard neck, hugging the pear to her chest. “No luck, eh? Well only reason why you would like to pass the industrial district is docks, did I get it?”

Robert gave a thumbs up, and another man spoke up as well, “You don’t look like having money for a ship.”

Of course the giant knew it. But it was best to learn what they needed from the source. Sensing a slight frustration, Bonnie looked up at her friend, expression of his as always set in stone, but she heard the people. Even if half of words she didn’t understand, word ‘need’ was something she was taught. To save her friend from pestering, she inhaled and gave a loud shout, as much as a little girl could, “Robert knows what he is doing!” slightly shaking and with a tear in her eye, she hid again in her small, a little uncomfortable nest.

“Right, right, sorry!” the first man laughed uncomfortably, as some of the crowd scattered off, knowing that there won’t be much show going on, grunting and mumbling. “I guess I better get of to work, good luck!” he was the last man to leave their side. Still not close to the docks, the two went. Without the attention, Bonnie finally eased up, and looked down at the pear, which had a golden shade to it, looking almost like a tear drop from a juicy maple tree.

“I don’t get it.” Bonnie pouted, and looked at Robert, “What do they want anyway?” The giant was silent for a brief moment. Answering Bonnie’s complicated questions was not easy for a giant like Robert. It glanced to both sides, before stopping and looking at the girl. A small detour perhaps in the name of discovery? The giant looked at the ground, and picked up a stone handing the pebble to the girl, as she picked it up. As she threw a glance at the golem to see what it meant by it, it tapped it’s finger by the side of his head.

“A memory game!” Bonnie blossomed with a smile. She liked this way of golem’s story telling the most. Since it always was like a puzzle, where bonnie could try and guess all the way what Robert was going to show her. As the giant turned around to return to the town centre, the girl somewhat forgot the heart aches and hummed, “Will you show me a tree? Will you show me a rock?” she sang, knowing well that answer will not come.

Now being less of a novelty and more of another nuisance in the city, the two were fairly left alone, sometimes washed over by stares of those who may have missed them. Turning to the right, the giant slightly damaged the cobblestone pavement. But after all, there have been worse troubles washing over the city. The girl continued singing, plopping her feet against the giants shoulder, holding a pear and a pebble in her lap. Soon they came into a large square, that lacked buildings. But at the middle of it was a large obelisk of sorts. Towering and intricate, as golden blossoms drawn with images of war have been created in memory of fallen heroes of the city.

“So pretty!” the girl gasped, somewhat forgetting what she was even thinking about. Robert gave her a little time to glare at one of the city’s pearls. Lifting his heavy finger, Rober tapped Bonnie’s knee, and pointed at her lap. Knowing well, even if snapped from the catharsis, she picked the pebble, and eyed it. The girl may lack some words, but she certainly was not yesterday’s child. “Ooh..” she looked down. Feeling somewhat bad about herself now, she did not speak out. However, Robert was not fine with it. A promise to make sure they understood each other was made to one another. It poked the girl gently by her knee again.

“I shout at people, that see us pretty.” she said, and a slight sniff came from the kids nose. Learning a hard lesson was never easy for anyone. “And the granny even gives a pear.”

The golem eyed the girl, that seemed somewhat hopeless at this point, and turned to walk back towards the centre of the town. “Hey, is everything alright?” some people mumbled, not really ready to jump in and help. Somewhat sounding out but not acting. Robert however, like a mountain ignored the words. He knew exactly who they needed to meet.

With a pebble in her hand, and the pear in her laps, she wept. Hearing multiple voices around her, Bonnie, couldn’t see the buildings or the eyes. All was foggy and numb at this point, as hot tears streamed down her cheeks, whilst the wool ball in her throat was held with all her strength to keep it in. Followed with periodical interruptions, of a sniffing nose, trying to catch some breath.

“Oh my…” A familiar voice close to her. Bonnie couldn’t open her eyes fully, when the giant lifted her and placed her on his palm. “Deary, did someone do something to you?”

Her watery eyes made out the old lady that had given her a pear, as finally the dam of strength broke, and her emotions poured out like flood.

“I’m sorry, Granny!” she cried out, her steaming face hidden in palms, not knowing what to do now.

“What did that useless pile of rock made you do?” there was a scolding tone in the old woman’s voice, but her wrinkly old palm was soft, when it touched the hardly kept, blonde hair of the girl. Her old wrinkly smile blossomed, as she was seen by the red marbles again.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you!”

There was a slight pause, before the merchants and spectators by the nearby stalls busted in laughter. “Eh?” Bonnie blinked and looked around, confused, and more anxious than ever.

“It’s alright sweetie! Scary stories may have made you worried!” she slid her hand on Bonnie’s shoulder, as she leaned in and winked with her eye, which seemed more like, she opened the other eye. “But as far as I can tell, we, the little folk, must stick together.”

“Damn right, Gertrude!” An old man with an eye patch, who was selling fish, agreed, and almost like a wave, a wave of labourer shouts filled the ring, as again a commotion formed around there. “Since the kid learned a big lesson, I guess some dried fish is in order.”

“Come on, you old fart, the kid wants none of your smelly fish!” Another, more skinnier old lady grunted, and made her way with a narcissus in her hand, “Better have this flower, will go well with your sunflowers!”

“I bet the kid hasn’t tasted sugar coated almonds!” a young baker, trying hand in sweets came to them as well. Gifts were given to this rare brightener of their days. Travellers and towns folk alike grouped around the interesting occasion. Rumours of them being gods filled the streets, some speculated them to be some sort of heroes. Whilst Bonnie now was carefree, it was Robert, who glanced towards where he heard such odd words.

Even so, with his mind full as his hand, that was filled with gifts, the golem nudged the girl in his palm with his thumb, as she was surrounded by the merchants, now somewhat warmed up to them, “Robert also says thanks!” she said, and answered the questions.

“So you have never been to a city before?” The flower lady asked, “Who made you such dress?”

“Robert gets the dress from friend in forest.” The girl looked at Robert, who hadn’t really told her these details.

“Wait, you mean that this dress is woven by nymphs?” a wave of awe washed over the crowd, and it was then, when the giant finally had enough.

“Woah!” Bonnie had to fall on the golem’s palm, as she looked up at the giant, “I think we are late for a thing!” She waved, at the herd, as they walked down the slums, onwards with their adventure. “Thank you! Bye!”

“Take care Robert and Bonnabelle!” The people shouted, that they have connected with. The girl smiled, and turned her head towards the giant, that carried her.

Some answers are never meant to be discovered, no matter how hard it is to understand the actions in their name. The girl eyed the golem with her blue eyes, trying to understand the giant, that had moved unusually fast. “What’s wrong, Robby?”

Sadly, the giant had no way of explaining this complicated idea, that it housed. Exiting the west city gate, the giant stopped, as the seaside was visible. Sunset falling down into the sea, painting it in pink tones.

Bonnabelle picked up a pear from the giants palm, and eyed it, before biting in it, as hunger did settle in. “Maybe you scare from them this time,” she chuckled lightly, “You are a bigger coward than me!” she lightly slapped the side of the giants head, letting a plopping sound come from the connection with stone.

Robert played along, and turned his head away theatrically, as they made their way to the ships that were almost black by the red waters. Soon they will make the next step in their journey, hopefully forgetting the bad and remembering the good on this day. But that is a story for another time.

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      I guess the lesson is to never diss a pear.

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