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Pebble Road, Prologue: People

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The roads before the Persistence were as dusty as always. Moderate houses, that held small private households of farmers and herders. Robert the stone giant moved with patience so large, it may even seem that he could go forever like this. On his shoulder, a girl. Bonnabelle was eyeing the animals in their pens, which mostly consisted of horses, but there was an occasional sheep and pig. But more rare they became the more they neared the city of rogues. At least so it was known.
Waving her feet and letting the base of them plop against the stone shoulder of the moving golem, she hummed a light melody, as the sound of local wildlife followed it in a slight dissonance. “We should make a song about us!” Bonnabelle said, looking down at the giant, who was looking forward, less to trip, and more not to step on someone.
As they kept walking, the girl hummed, “How about…” she tapped her fingers, before almost jumping, and leaning towards the rough head of the beast, “I know.” she leaned out and began to hum a tone, “Robbie and Bonnie walks the roads! And eat ice cream loads!” she hummed, as the giant gave time to look up at her, only to soon focus back at the road, “And birdies come to pick the food! Ice cream is good!” She lifted her knuckles in air, almost as if it was a concert of sorts!
“Hey, Robby do you think I will become a famous singer?” she asked, and leaned out looking at the clouds that spanned forward. “Maybe for you… I would be scared from all people looking at me.” she chuckled and looked down, “Are you also scared from people?” The golem stopped.
It looked at the girl, and thought for a while, before crouching down, and eyeing the side of the road. Bonnabelle looked at it in slight interest. It was usually these moments when Robbie ‘spoke’ to her. And she knew that it wasn’t easy for him to bring the idea especially when it was a complicated one. Soon it stood up, and lifted a gently closed stone fist before her. Bonnabelle leaned forth to see what he had to say, and the fingers parted, to reveal a ladybug hidden in a blossom of a dandelion. It took a while for her to try and understand what the gentle giant meant by it. But knowing each other for forever, as it was for Bonnie, she soon smiled, and looked at the giant, as they walked towards the gate that was holding the city of persistence. However, as they stopped by the gate, Bonnie spoke up with a scolding tone. “Wait, you do know you take redbug’s Robby away!” She looked at the giant, as it awkwardly scratched the back of it’s head, not exactly liking to be scolded by her, especially when she was right.
The gate of the city was still open, and seems like a new chapter was open as well, as this one closes for now. Bonnie had never seen such a big door, as she let out a light “Ooh…” And possibly Robby would have said the same. However, the rocky chin lowered, to peer at the dirty city.
Seeing that he lifted his left hand, to land his large fingers in her lap, to keep her more safe. To know that she was still there. To that the girl also gulped. Who knew what this city had in store for them. And with couple, slightly clumsy, clearly heavy, and most definitely uncertain steps, they passed the gates, as the sunflowers, waved in the wind of steam, from her dress.

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    1. Clayton Wade 1 year ago

      A well written story with a very good flow of words and images. It was a fun and interesting read.

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