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Pen 1, sprider zero

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Hello so your wondering by the title of why Sprider zero to pen 1 so today this my first daily life story an its super unlogical sense as well an might be a bit funny,so today I went to house that was for sell because I love house sells but for any reason at all I always carry a pen I literally don’t know why but I do,so I looked the place then I decided to go look at the front closet so once I opened I saw a brown recluse at this point I was like hmmmm maybe I tell the people that there is a brown,recluse but nope,didn’t do it,so I took out my pen an just somehow it hit them in the middle I don’t know how it happened but it did I was freaking out wondering what just even happened so I threw,my pen away an then left. Thank you for listening to my weird unlogical story


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    1. Ariel 8 months ago


    2. Ariel 8 months ago

      I put in a laughing emoji but it turned to a question mark.

    3. Zephyr Aeris 8 months ago

      This is hilarious because I’m a Virgo and that is exactly how I respond to spiders Lmao

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