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Perfectly Sane – 3 (Intro. to Freak Town)

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Day 1

Quiet Time 7:30 PM

There’s a larger one who lurks under the bed, how cliche, and he’s driving me mad. Just as I’m about to physically respond to the entity…a male’s voice shouts, “Up and at ’em, boys! Therapy!”
I leap from the bed as if hot coals were hidden under my sheets and slip on my shoes, joining the group of males heading towards the ‘living room’. Therapy, as I was told, is usually earlier in the day..depending on what group you’re in. Tonight they have to have therapy to welcome me, I hate it when every place is this predictable. Ryan’s flopped on a chair with a wry smile, gesturing to the chair next to him.
Therapy 7:35 PM
“Intro. to freak town, beginning momentarily,” he whispers as I thump into the chair beside him. On cue, a tiny slip of a therapist speaks up.
“Good evening team!” Oh god. Not another one.
“Good evening, Doc.” In unision, a certain level of mocking joy ringing true, the entire room says. Does the world really need another Doctor Sunshine? Expecially in a mental clinic?
“Today we have a new male! Archer Kale!”
She’s so cheery it nearly burns my pupils. Grudgingly, knowing what’s expected, I stand and give a small wave.
“In this group exercise, we like to have our newest member say a few things about them! Full name, age, the reason you’re here and a favorite activity!”
This same shit? Every place…I swear…
“Archer Kale. 16. I’m not here for the reason you say I am. I draw.” Rehearsed.
“Archer, all of us had to say why we were brought here…it’s the first-“
“-Step on the road to recovery.” Same line, everywhere. For some reason she looks like a fish breathing air, apparently no one else knows that?
“Y-yes. Please state why you’re here.” At least she’s not bubbling around anymore…
“I’m here because I see spirits and hear them but no one believes me. I’ve been kicked out of every foster family since I was six because I tell them the truth and they believe that I’m hallucinating.”
Ryan is now full-on grinning. We are alike. He might have said ‘feel’ but somehow…we’re alike.
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